Altcoin News: IOTA Foundation Partners EIT, Climate KIC for Sustainable Societal Transformation

By September 28, 2019Altcoins
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The IOTA Foundation (MIOTA) has inked a deal with the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet to leverage Tangle in Energy Sector.
The IOTA Foundation (MIOTA) has inked a deal with the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet to leverage Tangle in Energy Sector.
  • IOTA Foundation responds to climate change and loss of ecosystems by partnering up with European Institute for Technology EIT and EIT Climate KIC
  • EIT and Climate KIC are the European Union’s leading institutions in the much-needed global initiative to develop sustainable solutions

On September 27, 2019, IOTA Foundation announced its new partnership with European Institute for Technology EIT and EIT Climate KIC, in a move to support a systematic global transformation of our society into a more sustainable ecosystem.

IOTA Foundation is responding to climate change and loss of ecosystems that are threatening biodiversity and the well-being of humanity. Many conservational movements and institutions around the world have been calling for urgent ecosystem transformation.

The Deep Demonstration on Long Term

The project seeks to unite a range of diverse skill sets to create a sustainable solution for systemic transformation. It will focus on how short-term thinking and investment cycles can support the creation of a regenerative economy. Director of Decisions Metrics and Finance at EIT Climate KIC Riyong Kim stated:

“Attempting to transform action and mindset to more long-term thinking will critically need the opportunities and possibilities that deep tech can provide including the capabilities which IOTA can bring.”

The project will conduct experiments that will help shift participants’ attention to goals that are long-term oriented.

IOTA’s Contribution

IOTA Foundation will contribute by exploring the capabilities that IOTA Tangle Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring to the systemic transformation.

IOTA will apply DLT and IoT to experiment with new ways to awaken new insights, unlock sustainable financial systems, and develop open-source industrial market places. Julie Maupin, Director of Social Impact, and Public Regulatory Affairs at IOTA Foundation stated:

“Taking part in this project gives us the opportunity to tap into the amazing creativity and passion of IOTA’s open source community. The long term perspective invites each and every one of us to take a fresh look at the essential questions underlying sustainability.”

The team invites all interested parties and individuals to join their quest by contacting them to contribute with a broad and radical type of thinking.

IOTA Joins Forces with Strong Partners

IOTA Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to impact society with technological innovations positively. Through this partnership, IOTA hopes to contribute by introducing a blockchain-based systemic transformation solution.

The systemic transformation of our society requires more than just changing the current societal rules. IOTA recognized the challenge and sought to join forces with strong partners.

A key component for transformation is human behavior that is deeply tied to cultural beliefs, practices, and institutional training. The transformation will require outside-the-box experimentation to design possible solutions. IOTA stated:

“This is a very complex challenge so IOTA is delighted to announce the participation in EIT climate KIC Deep Demonstration on Long Termism alongside an interdisciplinary group of exciting organizations such as the Technical University of Zurich (ETH), Darkmatter Labs, Luvent Consulting, and Finland Futures Research Center at the University of Turku among others.”

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