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By October 12, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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A man told the Kalispell Police Department he “was petitioned for a job over the internet” and the supposed employer deposited $5,000 into his bank account in order to attempt to get him to send cryptocurrency to Alabama. The alleged new hire wanted an officer to look at his “paperwork.”

A woman told the police she lent a car with her bank account information to her friend. She subsequently found out her bank account was missing $158 and a PayPal account had been set up.

A woman reported her ex-boyfriend entered her home, dumped out the contents of her purse and makeup bag and stole the items along with her car. She was worried he might harm or take her son, and the police counseled her.

Someone called the police with “questions about [the] legality of snow tires.” She wanted to know when she could put on her winter tires.

A man reported the theft of a number of handyman tools from his house. He said he “knows who did it.”

A blue-haired man opened a bottle of alcohol in a store and then left. Later he was seen fighting with a woman in a park. He was cited and asked to refrain from coming into the store.

A woman apparently called the police by accident. She said there was “no emergency” even though she was in the emergency room with her mother.

A man was suspicious of a potential customer for the vehicle he was selling. He said he talked to the interested man and “got some bad vibes from him.” He also claimed the man “has a weird accent” and believed their conversation “might have been a diversion in order to get into his house or steal one of his vehicles.”

A rock was thrown through a window of a home.

A mother called the police when her teenage son and pre-teen son got into a physical fight.

A woman’s father-in-law reportedly siphoned gas from her vehicle and put sand in her gas tank, then circled around her house while she was home alone. The police dispatched extra patrol to her residence.

A female caller told the police her neighbors had “their TV turned up so loud it [was] shaking the walls.” She apparently tried to get their attention by “stomp[ing] on the floor.” An officer tried to respond but wasn’t able to make contact with anyone and did not hear “any noises from the area.”

A gray PVC pipe was found in a road and moved out of the way.

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