Top 5 Businesses that Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Will Impact the Most In 2020

By October 21, 2019Altcoins
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Top 5 Businesses that Cryptocurrency Will Impact the Most In 2020
Top 5 Businesses that Cryptocurrency Will Impact the Most In 2020

Indeed, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are in the loop. Today, there is a huge variety of projects on the market. Altcoin Buzz has prepared a round-up of the top 5 business sectors that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are likely to impact the most in 2020.

The energy sector is a highly important one. More so, since it has an enormous impact on the environment and thus needs to be handled responsibly. For this, it is necessary to introduce a transparent recording system. That’s where blockchain comes in handy.

P2P Energy Trading

Finally, the idea has been materialized. Conjoule is a blockchain platform that offers an energy exchange community network. To begin with, this network supports P2P trading of energy units in a transparent manner.

Almost 55% of the millennials exhibit interest in real-estate, which is why crowdfunding is the next big thing. It interests people to own a fraction of the entire property. Consequently, the tokenization of the property becomes a viable solution. After all, it helps manage records and profit-sharing.

Fighting frauds

Title and mortgage frauds are quite common in this “pen and paper” industry. Besides, it is costly to store all the information in a written form. Blockchain can help tackle that by storing the property lifecycle records on it in a transparent and yet immutable manner.

Gameplay Incentivized

At some point, “unique” in-game assets stopped being such. In fact, they have been duplicated. The gamers took it seriously, as they were shelling thousands of dollars to have them in their kitty.

Besides, gaming platforms are vulnerable to hacks. On multiple occasions, hackers managed to steal gamers’ financial details.

Crowdsourced Cloud Storage

Healthcare direly needs to organize its data. After all, the magnitude of electronic health records generated every day is massive. Identity fraud and administrative burden also endanger the system.

Wrapping up

Cryptocurrency has taken its time to evolve and now its time for adoption. Although there seem to be plenty of regulatory challenges, experts believe the inflection point is not too far away. This sphere has been evolving so rapidly that it’s tough to keep up. But staying informed and educated is the only way we can stay ready to embrace the wave of disruption.

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