How Music Goes on the Ethereum Blockchain with the ICO of K-Tune

By November 5, 2019Ethereum
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The K-Tune project is a solution that allows musicians from all around the world to form communities and actively collaborate to create new songs. It also provides a platform for aspiring artists to become music producers.

Currently the project is raising money through an ICO on the Swiss platform Eidoo Crowd. The funding is 30% complete and it received a high score on websites such as

How K-Tune works

K-Tune offers a variety of useful tools that can simplify the process of music-making, including an open market (K-Tune Arena) and an online song camp (K-Tune Camp). In addition, K-Masters, a team of established K-Pop producers, are available to assist, advise and interact with the users.

The platform is global, dedicated to all music producers in the world, but with a particular focus on K-Pop, the dominant music genre in South Korea, where the project was born.

The idea is to bring together musical talents and produce music, also thanks to the so-called K-Tune Masters, which are actual producers and former professionals affiliated with K-Tune who will assist users in their music production process.

Platform users will be able to share their work with the masters and ask for advice or collaboration on the music, lyrics, choirs, mixing, etc…

The platform will also have a marketplace where all users can sell their works: it will be called K-Arena and will allow selling not only songs but also individual tracks, such as melodies, arrangements, lyrics and so on.

When purchasing content from another user, users will be able to utilise it as they wish to complete their own pieces. In addition, users will be free to set their own prices and control license fees.

The KTT token

The token – recognised as a utility from the Swiss Authority FINMA – is called KTT, which will be used as a means of payment to use the K-Tune services. Users will be able to buy KTT directly on the platform or through exchanges.

In November, in fact, when the ICO will be over, the KTT token will be listed on various exchanges, starting from a very famous one.

The initiative is designed for all artists who wish to use their talents to produce content and trade it with other artists, with the objective of bringing their work to the market and earning money, especially in the growing K-Pop market.

Among the masters, there are professional trackmakers, songwriters and sound engineers who have considerable experience in the production of K-Pop songs, including EXO, TWICE, IZ*ONE, GOT7 and Beast.

K-tune to solve the copyright issues

The platform also provides a fair and transparent distribution of royalties, something that today is hardly guaranteed in the industry. K-Tune’s copyright monitoring system is based on blockchain technology and allows full real-time monitoring of all activities on the platform. This feature also eliminates possible disputes between artists and distributes copyrights in a fair and simple way.

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