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By November 8, 2019Bitcoin Business
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After producing an accuracy rate of over 98%, the Bitcoin Loophole automated cryptocurrency trading software has become a firm favorite among global investors.

London, UK, November 06: Trading Bitcoin has changed the lives of many, even creating many millionaires in the process. While not everyone got in on the trading action when Bitcoin was originally launched in 2009, with online trading available globally, the opportunity to profit from digital currencies is still very much available. Interestingly, many traders have found a way to trade cryptos profitably, even without any prior experience of online trading as well as an understanding of the financial markets. The answer is Bitcoin Loophole.

Bitcoin Loophole is an advanced and intuitive software that was designed and developed by Steve McKay, a software developer turned investor. The complex algorithms of the software quickly and accurately scan and analyze market movements, incorporating technical analysis and comparing huge amounts of historical data on price movements with the existing market conditions. Potentially profitable trading opportunities are then pinpointed. A core feature of the Bitcoin Loophole app is that it scans the markets with a time leap of 0.1 seconds and this means that once the trading opportunity is found, a trading signal is generated and a trade is then opened, even before the markets make a move. It is this time leap that has ensured the trading accuracy of the Bitcoin Loophole.

Another important feature of the Bitcoin Loophole software is that it can be set to automated mode. As a result of this, the user will not need to spend hours analyzing price charts, historical data and market movements. Instead, once the Bitcoin Loophole finds a lucrative trading opportunity, it will enter into the trade automatically, without any human intervention. Trades can then be made at any time, ensuring that no trading opportunities are lost. With the automated feature of the software, the Bitcoin Loophole is also suitable for both new and advanced traders. For those who prefer, the Bitcoin Loophole can also be used in manual mode, giving the trader full control of their trading activities.

To ensure that the Bitcoin Loophole operates within the desired trading preferences and risk level of the user, this software can be customized. That is, the user can set how the software should trade. This includes setting how much one wants to invest per trade, which cryptocurrencies to trade, the risk level and much more. The Bitcoin Loophole will then only enter a trade once the market conditions match the set trading parameters of the software. Users will only need to spend a few minutes each day updating their trading preferences and then Bitcoin Loophole can then be set to automated mode.

In a recent interview with users of the Bitcoin Loophole software, Kim Johnson commented, “I consider myself to be a top trader but the truth is I was never able to quite crack the crypto code. Thanks to Bitcoin Loophole, I am now not only making some really outstanding profits but I also use the trading signals generated by the software to really increase my understanding of Bitcoin and how to accurately analyze the markets.”

As Steve McKay, the developer of Bitcoin Loophole explained, “I always understood the profit potential of cryptocurrencies and while developing this software, we placed a lot of emphasis on the analytical abilities of the algorithms. Collecting years of historical data has ensured that Bitcoin Loophole is able to quickly analyze the financial markets, with an accuracy level of 98%. With our software, now anyone can trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies and really profit.”

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About Bitcoin Loophole

The Bitcoin Loophole is an advanced and intuitive automated cryptocurrency trading software. Designed and developed by Steve McKay, the powerful algorithms of this software have been designed to scan the markets with incredible speed and to analyze the market conditions against huge amounts of historical data. The Bitcoin Loophole pinpoints potentially profitable trading opportunities; it is then able to automatically enter a trade, without any human intervention. The Bitcoin Loophole works seamlessly with the trading platforms of reputable brokers in the industry and can be used from one’s PC or mobile device.

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London, UK, November 06: Trading […]

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