IOTA Asks Users for Ideas of Spontaneous Innovations to Support Best of Them

By December 7, 2019 DApps And Tools
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IOTA is encouraging its community members to come up with ideas on further IOTA development and its participation in climate action to build the future of the environment together.

Co-creating Impact with EIT Climate KIC and IOTA – We want to hear your ideas on how technology and the #IOTA protocol can drive the emergence of new, long-term sustainable practices & value-chains. Read about it and share your idea:

— IOTA (@iotatoken) November 26, 2019

IOTA’s participation in Climate KIC

A while ago, IOTA announced its participation in the event to do with climate change – Climate KIC. The team plans to break the traditional model of short-term decisions harming the distant future of the environment and asks for ideas from its community to present a different concept – how the IOTA protocol can help preserve and improve the environment in the future – that is about consumption, goods production and other related topics.

IOTA’s blog post says:

“We aim to do this together with innovative thinkers from within the IOTA community.”

“We want to invite you to get concretely involved in designing experiments that have the power to shift entire consumption, production, or investment systems toward more forward-looking decisions and actions.”

IOTA seeks innovative ideas

IOTA wants to collaborate with active community members, listen to their innovative ideas and support them.

“In service of this vision, we want to support spontaneous innovations from our community that create the future by simply building it.”

“We want to get a better feel for the ideas and sentiments in the community and explore how IOTA can become the backbone of a sustainable, long-term society.”

The blog article sums up that IOTA wants to find innovative solutions that would help to save planet’s ecosystems and improve human livelihoods.

IOTA’s questionnaire

IOTA has created a small list of questions and is expecting the community to answer them, as well as offer their innovative ideas.

The IOTA team will consider and evaluate all the proposals and will choose three best. Their authors will get invited to a workshop set up by IOTA in Berlin in early December.

There the creators of the ideas and the IOTA team will work on them to see how they can be developed and applied in the real world.

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