EOS.io Heads up about Prisoners Dilemma with Fellow Men Voice to Go Live on Valentine’s Day 2020

By December 18, 2019DApps
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EOS.IO, Daniel Larimer, in his tweet, stated that Decentralization solutions are not cheaper. He implied that people who believe in such a concept are under an illusion. However, he said that despite not being cheap, they are useful and cheaper in terms of non-financial ways such as preserving integrity and freedom.

Daniel Larimer tweeted, “We are in a prisoner’s dilemma with our fellow man.” Larimer pulled out an analogy to describe the pattern of adoption by talking implying on what it is alike to convince a small town about choosing a decentralized Main Street Shop over Centralized Walmart. He reinstated that this is the pattern that is seen in several industries and implies that decentralization is expensive.

Barzan Ji tweeted, “People are blinded by tribalism and falling for fake fud, which limits their exploration capacities. There are tremendous possibilities in the #EOS ecosystem people are sleeping on.” He further stated that “DApps are ready to unleash things never seen in the blockchain space, some valued below 1 million USD.” He also tried to add clarity, stating, “There will be an EOS dapps mega bull run. You invest when no one looking at it, and not chase another project mimic over-valued up to 1 billion. You’re doing it wrong.

Despite the costs and how people react to the decentralized system, the EOS.IO processes are continuing.

Previously, Daniel Larimer published a Blockchain Governance Proposal on October 15, 2019. The purpose, according to him, was to make governance decisions in the best interest of as many people as possible, thereby decreasing the opportunity for people who are trying to act in ways that will not benefit themselves at the expense of the community. He, however, declared that this proposal is one of the many viable solutions that can be successfully considered.

The Social Network of EOS.IO “Voice” to go live from February 2020. Block.one, the parent company behind EOS are launching the Beta version of Voice on February 14, 2020. Several tens and thousands of users have signed up for the network over the past several months.

A content model based crypto-reward system is very likely. While the Voice has been around since June, seems like significant information on this project is public only of late. Voice’s Tokenomics is set to serve use cases in the future where “Voice Tokens are conceived as the gateway to all forms of promotion and advertising on the platform.”

It is visible that Voice is all set to compete with all other crypto rewards system.

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