The Telos Network Partners With Sesacash to Bring Micro-Transactions to West Africa

By December 18, 2019DApps
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Sesacash's attention to detail pays off as its borderless, no-fee, multi-currency mobile wallet goes live on the Telos Blockchain Network.

LONDON, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this year Sesacash, self-described as a borderless, no-fee mobile wallet, took a leap of faith and successfully moved their entire application and infrastructure from the Bitshares blockchain to the Telos network, making the now fully decentralized Sesacash the first app on the Telos blockchain from West Africa.

The Sesacash application allows users in African to do p2p money trades. (PRNewsfoto/Telos Foundation)
The Sesacash application allows users in African to do p2p money trades. (PRNewsfoto/Telos Foundation)

Telos is quickly becoming a top candidate for apps looking to become fully decentralized by providing resource requirements at a far lower price than other blockchains without sacrificing security or integrity. The autonomy and flexibility provided by Telos, which allows apps to choose whether they are proprietary or not is also a huge draw. As representatives with Sesacash stated, "While we aim to make part of our codebase open-source in the future, we like the discretionary judgment that the Telos blockchain gives app owners."

Another factor in Sesacash's decision to make the switch to the Telos network was the no-fee transactions that Telos provides. Sesacash says, "This was a huge factor when making our decision to migrate. At Sesacash, we believe sending money or making payments for goods and services on the same network should be free." Finding a blockchain network with the same beliefs was very important to Sesacash. "For us to be able to achieve this, it means we needed to partner with a blockchain network that believes in this too."

The attention to detail that Sesacash has put into their app did not go unnoticed by GoodGrant, a grant program funded by Telos block producer GoodBlock, who selected Sesacash as one of their grant recipients after careful deliberation. While the grant undoubtedly provides a huge incentive for Dapps to move operations to the Telos network, Sesacash chose to migrate to Telos before they even knew of the grant's existence. In fact, they were already two months into development before learning about and subsequently applying for the grant.

Justin Giudici, Chief Products Officer (CPO) of the Telos Foundation weighed in on the excitement saying, "The Telos Foundation is thrilled to work with groups like Sesacash, who see that the benefits of building on the Telos network go far beyond financial incentives. We're excited for more Dapps to recognize the lure that building with Telos has to offer." In reference to Sesacash, Giudici said, "We're so glad they're here. They're the first Telos app from West Africa and I couldn't imagine a better one to pave the way for more."

About Sesacash
Sesacash is a decentralized mobile wallet app providing micro-payments in Africa. Its transparency and no-fee costs for in-app transfers make it a leader in the newly emerging decentralized fintech space.

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The Sesacash application allows users in African to do p2p money trades.

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LONDON, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier this year Sesacash […]

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