Block Babies Collectibles to Launch on VeChain Blockchain

By December 22, 2019 DApps
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A Block Babies collectibles, an idea from Bamboo Labs, will launch on VeChain blockchain platform. According to VeriArti, Block Babies was among the maiden dapps that signed up to make use of the portal to achieve non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the VeChain Thor platform.

Bamboo Labs will make use of VeriArti’s API to mint their items and use a bespoke marketplace designed for the innovation on VeriArti.

While the idea is to be launched in January 2020, the collectible game aims to elevate your Lead Baby in rankings through their experience points. Players can gain experience points through random events, quests, and baby battles in the Block Baby World.

In July 2019, VeriArti announced that the card-collectible game will run on VeChain Thor with the help of VeriArti. The Way of the Tiger, a collection of fantasy book by the award-winning author Jamie Thomson, joined is launching on VeChain Thor.

Thomson has written series of fantasy books, and he was ex-editor of White Dwarf, winner of the Roald Dahl book prize, and was a concept developer for Eidos Interactive. Together with Ian Livingstone and Mark Smith, Thomson pioneered Choose-your-own-Adventure books. Of his books, his 7 best-selling books Way of the Tiger became widely read.

The author would be reviving the book into a CCG with the support of VeriArti. He will be hosting and offering the card collectibles on the VeChain blockchain. The book is being redesigned for a decent gameplay in card collectible format.

VeriArti’s game developer Eidos, Microsoft game concept developer, and some others are part of the development team.

Our assassins tell us of @vechainofficial community support. I suppose we’ll spare your mortal lives in return. Oh and @veriartivra for introducing and onboarding us, guess we’ll have to let those snivelling wretches live too. We’ll unveil the new World of Orb soon #gaming #NFTs

— The Way of the Tiger (@WayOfTheTigerAD) December 1, 2019

Several projects are launching on VeChain lately. Nothing less than 30 Fortune firms, and 500 companies are running dapps on VeChain blockchain.

Shanghai-based Kehu recently collaborated with VeChain on ensuring accountability and transparency in packaged goods. VeChain also partnered with Chinese tea industry association on poverty reduction and production increment.

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