Anger Grows at Ethereum Setting Hardfork Date on New Year’s Day

By December 23, 2019DApps
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“Who the f*** decided to do a hard fork on a day that is an almost universal holiday?”

So says Jorge Izquierdo of Aragon, a Dapp for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) running on ethereum’s blockchain.

In a set of public statements citing Ethereum Foundation’s announcement that the difficulty bomb delaying hardfork is expected on January 1st, Izquierdo said:

“Picking cool days is great when you are a core dev, but now someone from my team has to work on a day that they were free.”

This controversial fork, which changes the protocol rules in a way that technically increases issuance without any public consultation despite 70% of ethereans wanting an issuance reduction to 1eth, was at one point expected on Christmas day itself.

Just how the source of this expectation is calculating the date estimate is not too clear, so first let us try and estimate this before getting on with the rest.

Ethereum is currently at block 9,151,555. The fork is at block 9,200,000. Meaning there are 48,445 more blocks left.

The network is currently running at 17 seconds per block. That’s 823,565 seconds, or 9.5 days.

So that’s pretty much January 1st, at least for Europe and America with Australia too drunk already. However, a time increase kicked in on December 16th. It takes about two weeks for such increases, so around December 30th, although block times are now a bit slower.

In any event the next time increase is arguably far too close to make much difference, so arguably the estimate is roughly correct.

Meaning the entire ecosystem, which is finding out only now “officially,” has to make emergency contingencies to be on guard on New Year’s Day!

I am quite active in the community, although unfortunately I no longer have time to listen in on All Core Devs calls and I became aware of the fork date today (I knew it was coming but no idea of the date). My team had no idea either.Forking during holidays is a bad idea anyway

— Jorge Izquierdo

So says Jorge Izquierdo of Aragon, a Dapp for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations […]

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