Aurora (AOA) Partners with Crypto Fund Alliance X, Solidifying a Strong Presence in the Korean market

By December 23, 2019DApps
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The third-gen blockchain platform Aurora (AOA) is working with Korean crypto fund “Alliance X”, cementing a close partnership in the greater northeast Asian region. At the same time, Aurora token was successfully listed on Bithumb crypto exchange. The crypto fund is actively supporting the Aurora project on multiple fronts, which includes attracting investment and conducting Korean marketing consulting and execution.

As a light-speed decentralized blockchain platform, Aurora supports numerous Dapps and seeks to connect various industries such as gaming, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things via its multi-chain parallel system. A multi-chain network structure has the best isolation, performance, and scalability. Due to the parallel nature of the chain, the newly added chain will not upgrade the chain in the original network. It only needs the new chain to follow the original network protocol standard.

To live up the vision that the Aurora community have for the blockchain project, Aurora developed a series of tools and functions: Aurora Dev, a bundle of tools for developer to develop decentralized apps native to its unique industry; AuroraDist, a smart distribution engine for both game developers and gamers, which combines big data, blockchain, and deep learning, creating a targeted marketing and distribution platform; AuroraDex, a crypto exchange that bridges conventional economy and crypto economy; AuroraDID, a ID system on blockchain, used in crypto economy between Dapps and blockchains; AuroraPay, a payment system that supports multiple digital assets including Aurora-based assets.

Prior to partnering with Alliance X, Aurora is a major project in the Achain galaxy and has launched partnerships with other renowned industry innovators, such as Achain, Kcash, Huobi, DAPPX, BiYong, PundiX, 8btc and many other. The blockchain has capital backings from A Capital, HyperHash Capital, H2Capital, Quest Capital, etc. It has active communities across the globe, including but not limited to China, South Korea, Indonesia, United States, Germany, Malaysia.

More importantly, Aurora has launched several deals across various industries. In 2018 and 2019, Aurora signed a contract with Capstone, a US-based gaming company; a contract with Egretia, an HTML5 based gaming lab; a partnership deal with Green Agriculture Technology, a high tech firm with an agricultural background.

Aurora will continue its effort to connect different industries with blockchain, empowering different verticals with cutting-edge distributed computing and decentralized ledger tech and eventually creating a boundless blockchain world.

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