What are the richest bitcoin wallets

By December 24, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Quais são as carteiras mais ricas de bitcoin
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Do you know whose address has the most bitcoin? Bitinfocharts lists the 100 richest in the world.

It is important to note that a wallet can have multiple addresses but you can only know how many BTCs there are within one address and not in one wallet.

The richest address belongs to Huobi International Exchange, with over 255,000 BTC, equivalent to over $ 7.6 billion. Although cryptocurrencies do not belong to the company, it is responsible for the custody of customer assets.

The second richest address is also from an exchange, Bitfinex, with 114,852 BTC, less than half of Huobi. Bitfinex also owns the ninth largest address, with 76,893 BTC, totaling 191,745 BTC.

The third and fourth, which is not known to the owners, have 111,858 BTC and 94,506 BTC respectively.

Fifth, comes the address of 89,684 BTC Binance, which is also responsible for two other addresses with 82,868 BTC and 65,077 BTC, totaling 237,629 BTC, equivalent to more than $ 7 billion.

0.01% of addresses are over 1,000 BTC

According to the Bitinfocharts Rich List, only 2,132 addresses have more than 1,000 stored.

If you have at least 100 BTC, you are among the 0.05% of the richest addresses. Above 10 BTC, you are between 0.48%.

Another interesting fact is that the richest 0.01% addresses account for 42.13% of all existing bitcoins.

The richer move their coins a little

According to a Diar study, of portfolios with 200 or more BTCs, 42% have never made any spending since the price of cryptocurrency rose to a record high in December last year, even though they already had cryptocurrency before the rise. Surprisingly, 27% of these portfolios continue to accumulate ever since.

Finally, Diar's study states that it confirms an analysis by Chainalysis, which concluded that 3.8 million Bitcoins are lost forever.

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It is important to note that a wallet can have multiple […]

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