Netbox Launches Catalog of Decentralized Apps, Adds Around 50 dApps on Ethereum and IOST

By December 26, 2019DApps
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Netbox.Global has announced the launching of Netbox.Store, said to be a catalogue of decentralized applications, adding nothing less than 50 dApps on Ethereum and IOST. The Netbox.Store was launched in accordance to the roadmap of Netbox.

The platform says it focuses on decentralization and this is its true inspiration. Netbox opines that dApps must not only share the decentralized logic in utilizing cryptocurrencies but all data must be recorded on a blockchain. For now, Netbox has successfully gathered 60,000 online users inside Netbox network.

The futures include a ranking system for dApps, sleek and intuitive design to make the platform offer the best user experience, and importantly, there’s no additional installation before one benefits have access to the highlighted features.

Already, 50 dApps on ETH and IOST (with IOST.BEST NODE support) blockchains are on this platform. Soon, the platform will be transferring the hosting of decentralized Apps to the blockchain network.

“We are building our own infrastructure for managing and adjusting the user interface of a decentralized application,” says Netbox team.

Not long Netbox announced a partnership with IOST. The deal permits Netbox to add IOST iWallet and their dApps to Netbox Store, which has been done today.

Users wanting to use this app must first install add-ons in their web browsers, via which dApps are to operate on the blockchain. The add-ons are already on the Netbox.Browser, this makes is easy for dApps to be used.

The browser comes with the Netbox.Store, making it simple for users to find and run dApps of any blockchain network.

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