Intelligent Heroes Initial Token Offering

By December 28, 2019 Ethereum
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This week, the Intelligent Heroes freelance platform announced the launch of its initial token offering (ITO). The platform allows micro job seekers with a core of expertise in the blockchain-based ecosystem to find work and verify their skill level. The news demonstrates a growing demand for blockchain professionals in the FinTech sector.

Intelligent Heroes

At first glance, the Intelligent Heroes platform appears to be just another freelancing hub. A closer look reveals that the platform is much more than that. Intelligent Heroes is also a skill verification platform. Basically, users who don’t have degrees to back up their skill sets can take tests within certain fields.

These results then serve as a reference point for freelancers looking to prove their abilities. In essence, users don’t lose jobs because of the lack of university degrees in their areas of specialization

Full Transparency

Developers of the Intelligent Heroes platform took a focus on full transparency. They wanted to create an open and reliable platform where business owners and freelancers could meet and build ideas. As such, developers knew they would need a highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform to accomplish this task.

Intelligent Rewards

Additionally, developers wanted to bring more to the table than just providing skill tests and workflow to professionals. The team behind this project decided to create a unique user-friendly blockchain-based reward system. In this manner, users can earn additional cryptocurrency for participation within the Intelligent Heroes’ ecosystem.

Security Concerns

The Intelligent Heroes platform also incorporates a robust security factor. The platform features six encrypted security levels. On top of this protection, developers issue updated patches frequently to avoid any weaknesses.

Hero Token

Users of the Intelligent Heroes platform utilize the Hero Token. This ERC-20 compliant token resides on the Ethereum blockchain. Its main purpose is for transactional use within the ecosystem. For example, users can connect with heroes with higher ranks using these tokens. This strategy allows you to obtain vital information to help you complete a job search.

Hero Tokens also allow you to conduct highly targeted searches. These searches offer more specifics. Therefore, they help in getting accurate results much faster. You can also use your Hero Tokens to speak directly with the administration. This feature could play a big role in the platform as the ability to have direct access to the administration is desireable to many freelancers.

Retake Tests

Another awesome feature Hero Tokens enable is the ability to retake tests early. You may find that you didn’t rank as high as you wanted on your testing. In a normal scenario, you would have to wait an allotted period before you could retake the test. Opposingly, you could just spend some hero tokens and level up much faster.

Intelligent Heroes ITO

The company’s ITO seed sale ends today. Then, the official crowdfunding event will begin. According to the firm’s whitepaper. The event will continue until March 2020. There will be 100MM total supply with 30MM allocated to the actual ITO. The base price for the Hero Token is $.05. Additionally, the company intends to lock some tokens to develop scarcity.

Intelligent Heroes

You got to hand it to these developers. They recognized the fact that blockchain skills seldom come with a degree. As such, the company’s verification process is a much-needed validation tool in the sector. You can expect to hear much more from the Intelligent Heroes team moving forward.

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