Apple and Google Cracking Down on Mobile DApps

By December 30, 2019DApps
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The Apple Store has apparently changed its policy and is no longer allowing decentralized applications (DApps). This was brought to light by Coinbase, which was forced to delete the DApp browser that comes with its mobile wallet.

Simultaneously, Google banned MetaMask from the Google Playstore, which is the most popular Ethereum (ETH) wallet and DApp browser.

Essentially, the Apple Store controls all mobile app downloads for iPhone users, and the Google Playstore controls all mobile app downloads for Android users. iPhones and Androids account for almost all of the mobile phones on the planet, giving Apple and Google monopolistic control over the mobile apps available in the world.

Apple and Google have decided to get rid of DApps simultaneously, and they did not give any warning or reason, and they do not have to give any reason since the Apple Store and the Google Playstore are technically their legal property.

We are speculating that Apple and Google are trying to eliminate decentralized blockchain-based competition before it ever becomes a true competitor for centralized apps. We are also speculating that Apple and Google are coordinating with the government to limit the efficacy of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, in order to prevent it from being a threat to fiat and centralized finance.

Whatever the case, it is unlikely that the public will ever be given an official statement as to why Google and Apple are cracking down on DApps.

Regardless, it seems a fatal flaw of DApps is that they depend on centralized platforms like the Apple Store and the Google Playstore for distribution. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to fix this problem.

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