Coinbase CEO: Apple Will Kick Decentralized Applications Out Of App Store

By December 31, 2019 DApps
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Coinbase CEO: Apple Will Kick Decentralized Applications Out Of App Store

Apple might be following Google’s footsteps regarding crypto support. It would seem that the tech giant will no longer be allowing decentralized applications (DApp) on its platform.

According to a Reddit post, Coinbase might also be removing DApp support from its app. This, according to the post, is the only way to “comply with App Store policy” and probably prevent the app from being taken down by Apple. The post suggests that people can still access popular DApps via desktop using the Coinbase Wallet.

In the same thread, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has responded. Armstrong described the situation as “unfortunate”, adding that Apple users might need to reach out to the company in some way. This might be the only way the iOS community will continue to have access to the app.

Armstrong also explains the implications of Apple’s new policy. Referring to DApps and decentralized finance (DeFi), he says:

“This is an important area of innovation in finance, and many developers and early adopters of this technology have millions of dollars worth of crypto tied up in these financial applications, which they will no longer be able to use on Apple mobile devices if this app store policy continues.”

Popular crypto wallet and browser MetaMask has also been kicked off the Android Play Store by Google.

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