Gambling Still Leads Dapp Growth

By December 31, 2019DApps
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The growth of dApps finally took off in 2019, giving hope that at least some of the platform projects took off. While Ethereum (ETH) revealed growth across all categories, the leading interest was in gambling dApps.

Based on the analysis of Ryan Selkis, gambling was once again the “killer app” for the crypto space.

One of the reasons for growth includes the TRON platform, which hosts the most active gambling dApps. Among them, WINk (WIN) stood out, as its tokens were distributed in an IEO through Binance.

Using tokens to gamble adds a layer of anonymity. The presence of gambling dApps in Asia also taps into a wealthy, highly addicted marketplace. The sector harnessed the rising online casino technologies, while also offering a much faster, anonymous payment tool.

Gambling dApps have also competed for taking the top spots and increasing visibility. It is uncertain what part of the activity is driven by bots, to grow statistics. Currently, 888TRON is the most active gambling dApp, but the chart always changes. The TRON network still sees its top 10 dApps only in the gambling category, which facilitates robust token transfers.

In 2019, the EOS platform turned out to be unsuitable for some dApps. EOSBet, one of the most active gambling environments, decided to migrate as EOS resources were consumed by EIDOS simulated mining. TRON, on the other hand, managed to survive, as its resources are allocated in a different manner.

Distributed apps go into the new year with some optimism, but also a big hurdle. App storefronts have decided to target those startups as potentially breaking the terms of service, especially if related to finance or gambling. Dapp growth has also differentiated between successful and failing platforms.

In 2019, previously hyped platforms actually failed to carry distributed apps. Tezos shows almost no transfers, Cardano is still mostly in testnet mode, and Hedera Hashgraph crashed due to faulty tokenomics, with its network breaking down and shutting down some of its Council Nodes.

Dapps are no indicator of token price success, but they are an encouraging use case for crypto assets.

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