Eidoo preparing launch of a crypto debit card, DApp browser, and broker service

By January 1, 2020DApps
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Eidoo, a bitcoin/crypto wallet and exchange application, has revealed today some details concerning upcoming product and service launches set to be integrated. After a busy 2019, the crypto platform is ready for the launch of a new crypto debit card, DApp browser, and personal broker service.

More details on the new integrations can be seen below:


First, the launch of eidooPAY marks the introduction of the company’s own debit card linked to user Eidoo wallets. This product also completes the final milestone on the original Eidoo whitepaper roadmap.

Users will be able to easily convert their bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) into GBP or EUR, preload them onto the card directly in-app, and start spending straight away. The card can be used online or instore, and from ATMs, without the hassle of going through an exchange to use your crypto in the real world.

DApp browser

The Eidoo platform will soon see the integration of a new DApp browser, Eidoo users will now be able to easily explore and interact with all kinds of DApps from the convenience of one platform.


Finally, the launch of a new broker service will make it simpler to place large market orders with Eidoo intermediating the entire process, acting as your personal broker. Users will always get the best market rates offered at the time of execution (minus associated fees). Before orders are placed, users will see full transparency and an estimate of all costs.

“As we come close to checking off everything on our original roadmap, we know the journey is far from over. So forget maps – we’re going off-road! We look forward to 2020, a year which is sure to be a game-changer for not only us, but every decentralized project in the space. We all BUIDL on, knowing that our hard work and commitment will slowly usher in a new financial era.”
– The Eidoo Team

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