Morgan Creek’s Pompliano Drops Important Bitcoin Messages 5 Months before Halving

By January 5, 2020Bitcoin Business
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As we are 5 months closers to Bitcoin halving, a 5-year historical event, expectations that the price of BTC will rise is high on the ramp.

However, one of the prominent market experts and Bitcoin’s biggest boosters, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creeks Digital, Anthony Pompliano, has dropped important Bitcoin messages for the public as we are roughly 5 months away from the halving event.

The messages which are 7 in number, talked about the present status of Bitcoin, what could happen to investors, how best to invest, and how they should not buy BTC.

While warning investors to be wary of the market, Pompliano identified that they should remember that Bitcoin is a very volatile asset.

The expert, whose messages on Twitter are seen as inspirational quotes for heavy bag hodlers, warned that investors should only invest in “what is ok to lose” because they can lose their entire money anytime.

While it is widely known that Bitcoin is highly unpredictable, Pompliano urged investors not to take Twitter messages as investment advice but should rather do their own concrete research.

Anthony added: “Don’t buy BTC with credit cards. Keep low time preference.”

Important message ~ 5 months before the Bitcoin halving:

– BTC is very volatile
– You can lose all of your money
– Only invest what is ok to lose
– Twitter is not investment advice
– Don't buy BTC with credit cards
– Keep low time preference
– Do your own research

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