Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Will Launch Sharding in 2020, ConsenSys Ex-Top Manager Says

By January 8, 2020Ethereum
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Since 2016, Andrew Keys, co-founder of ConsenSys Capital and managing partner of Digital Asset Risk Management Advisors, has made detailed predictions about the mainstream trends of blockchain progress. In his 2020 report, he highlighted the opportunities for Ethereum.

The year 2020 in Ethereum (ETH): Sharding and CME Futures

Mr. Keys is extremely optimistic about the progress of Ethereum (ETH) network transition towards a Proof-of-Stake consensus. He is sure that Ethereum (ETH) devs will deliver not only Phase 0 but even Phase 1 with the final sharding design.

Moreover, he claims that the release of the first Beacon Chain explorer by Vitalik Buterin should be considered the first stage of new Ethereum (ETH):

Proof of Stake Ethereum exists. It’s alive!

Also, Mr. Keys foresees that CME Ether Futures will be announced in 2020 and will go live in 2020. According to him, it will be Chicago Mercantile Exchange that will let crypto assets to evolve into a full-fledged investment tool class.

Layer One vs Layer Two: Who's The Favorite?

It looks like Mr.Keys is a great advocate of Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum (ETH) network. It is a class of technologies that unload the main chain by processing some data off-chain. It significantly brings to the scalability and speed of the Ethereum (ETH) transactions.

He named three top Layer 2 solutions: Plasma, sidechains and payment channels by Raiden. The progress of these solutions will be catalyzed by a commercial and technological demand:

There was a time when blockchain scaling was driven by theory and hope. No longer!

Layer One solutions or 'Ethereum killers' won't be able to comply with regulatory frameworks in 2020, Mr. Keys concluded.

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