Axie Infinity getting its first esports tournament

By January 13, 2020DApps
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Axie Infinity esports competition

The development team behind blockchain-powered creature battle game Axie Infinity is organizing an esports tournament. They do this together with MakerDAO in an effort to make a first step towards a well capitalized esports element in blockchain games. The so-called Infinity Cup will take place on Friday 17th of January.

The Infinity Cup will have a $1300 prize pool thanks to 2100 DAI ($300) and 10 thousand LUNA ($1000). The tournament will start on Friday January 17th at 9AM Eastern Time. That’s 3PM in Europe and 1AM on Friday night in Sydney. You’ll be able to watch the tournament live on Twitch.

Axie Infinity performing well

In November game studio Sky Mavis secured 1.4 million dollars in funding. Not long after that they launched the alpha versie of Axie Infinity for mobile phones. Now players can battle each other online or play through the Bloodmoon Rising adventure mode.

At the same time the players are consistently selling Axies for a couple of thousand dollars per week. What’s even more interesting is that Axie Infinity has introduced Small Love Potions into the game, and as a result Sky Mavis has created a second market where gamers sell love potions in exchange for ETH. According to CoinGecko one SLP is now worth $0.0237.

SLP has topped at $0.034, while the bottom was at $0.019. Players need to use hundreds of Small Love Potions to breed new Axies. It’s likely that the price of SLP has an effect on the prices of Axies. Even though it would require longer time frames and more research to determine such a correlation.

Blockchain esports winner got $104.000

In December 2019 a tournament concluded for Dapper Labs experimental battle game Cheese Wizards. Wizard #4845 won the tournament and added 700.6 ETH or 104 thousand dollars to its owner’s account. Immediately after the tournament concluded, the prize was paid through smart contract technology.

Even though there aren’t many examples yet in regards to blockchain-powered esports competitions. There’s quite some interest in the combination of esports and blockchain.

In addition there’s are multiple games in development that add esports elements to the core of their gameplay. In online shooter Vibe or Die and battle royale game Lightnite players lose money when being shot, while they win money for shooting others.

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