IOTA Is What a Real Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Development Looks Like

By January 13, 2020Altcoins
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Dan Simerman, Head of Financial Relations at IOTA, tweeted: “The number of patents that reference #IOTA: In total, 111 patent applications from 44 companies have been published (up to 2019)” – this is what real ecosystem development looks like.”

The patents give enough reason for investors to be bullish about the token.

David Sonstebo, IOTA Founder in an interview with, spoke about “IOTA’s underlying data structure, the biggest plans for the foundation, and why the classic blockchains soon will be left far behind.”

Previously Simerman stated, “As we move into 2020, ease of use for all #IOTA ecosystem participants is critical. The “every-person” shouldn’t have to become a trader to engage with our token! Excited for this recent development with #moonpay for direct token access in #Trinity.”

The fact that to engage with IOTA, one need not be a trader is a comfortable take for users and indeed a great offer by IOTA to improve on adoption.

IOTA Research Status Update

On January 10, 2020, Serguei Popov published a blog titled, IOTA Research Status Update — January 2020.

The official IOTA Foundation Blog provides details about the Berlin Summit, where the next steps for the Coordicide project were discussed and shared. The blog provides answers to several questions like how far we are from the prototype, what has been left for later, and what is next.

The Coordicide Whitepaper is already revised. The updates in the revision are well known to those who are following the research closely. However, IOTA is looking forward to public feedback.

There has been no significant change in progress. The Coordicide will continue as envisioned. A public release of the updated White Paper will be scheduled soon.

Those who are keen to know about the finer details of the research updates would do well looking into the IOTA foundation blog.

IOTA Reshaping Enterprise Trust with DLT

IOTA Foundation tweeted: “Distributed Ledger Technologies will play a crucial role in the future of #IoT where machines can trust and transact with each other. Read how DLTs and #IOTA are reshaping enterprise trust @IoTWorldToday with @richardsoley & @defshepherd. #ProjectAlvarium.”

In the content, Richard Soley talks about Dominik Schiener of the IOTA Foundation and states, “He convinced me that he understood how to solve the problem for real IoT implementations. And the more I looked at it, the better I thought it looked.”

There are a lot of reasons why investors and users should look towards IOTA.

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