How IOST Uses the Power of Blockchain Technology to Gear Up for 2020

By January 17, 2020DApps
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IOST is a next-generation public blockchain system, which helps decentralized application developers to overcome some of the most challenging issues about mass adoption. Currently, it remains the most scalable blockchain framework preceding Ethereum, EOS, and Tron, by solving the scalability problem, having to choose between Scalability, security, and decentralization exclusively.

Major milestones of IOST in 2019

Some of the IOST’s key milestones for the year 2019 are discussed below:

  • Mainnet Launch

The IOST mainnet was formally introduced in February 2019, denoting the new beginning of another chapter for both the Foundation and the IOST community. Later after two months, after the launch of mainnet in February, IOST has become one of the largest Public Chains for DApps along with Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. Further, IOST has already outperformed Ethereum in-network transactions while keeping up high levels of decentralization. Presently, IOST is listed on major exchanges, which include Binance, Bithumb, Huobi, Bitfinex, OKEX, Onblock, and several other exchanges.

  • Nodes & Staking

IOST’s Partner Program is extensively acclaimed as the globally driving staking program by various blockchain research organizations. Further, some of the key program features are appealing returns, low risk, and easy to use. Additionally, worldwide IOST nodes were initiated and launched IOST Global Alliance, a decentralized, autonomous ecosystem to increase engagement to promote decentralization in the IOST network.

Partnerships & Programs

  • Partnership with Ehang

Last year in April, IOST partnered with Ehang, a China-based autonomous vehicle organization, to offer flight data analytics in a new venture for the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This project uses blockchain technology to offer reliable and secure information to prevent third parties from data tampering.

  • Boomstarter

The biggest East European crowdfunding platform has also become an IOST partner node. Further, IOST has integrated with Boomstarter and will be utilized as a fundraising currency on one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in Eastern Europe. This will help businesses and builders integrate into a universal extension plan spreading over India, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

  • Government Agencies of Singapore

IOST Foundation has consistently emphasized working closely with government organizations and regulatory bodies to create real-world solutions and intellectual insights that drive technological development. Recently, IOST had declared its strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore through Hashed Venture Labs, a blockchain incubator supported by IOST.

  • IOST Education Programmes & Initiatives

Last November, IOST started the free education system in Japan, which began at Nagoya Institute of Technology. Presently, more than seven universities and more than 300 students have taken up this program and experienced blockchain technology.

IOST Plans for 2020

Within a short timeframe, IOST has accomplished various noteworthy achievements. For 2020, IOST needs to develop the ecosystem and network exponentially. Furthermore, IOST will acquire progressively more strategic partnerships and initiatives to expand on IOST’s initial achievement and present more real-world use applications for blockchain to the larger public. A one-click deployment solution will be ready for developers to create a traditional game into a decentralized game with functions like tokens, payment, interests, and reward pool.

Wrap up

IOST has been exploring new opportunities in blockchain technology development and mass adoption since the launch of the IOST project. IOST’s exclusive PoB technique has been viewed as a significant technical achievement in the blockchain business. It also gained strong power in technology commercialization in its initial phase because of the level of investments received from leading worldwide investors, development groups, and blockchain-related groups.

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