ChainLink Defi Creating Trust Dynamics using Code and Boolean Logic

By January 20, 2020 DApps
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Decentralized Finance and smart contracts for real-world application is the major field for Chainlink. Consumers are going to need the money forever, and financial instruments of different kinds are here to stay. Decentralized Finance is all about recreating the traditional financial methods by making use of the decentralized blockchain technology. As opposed to centralized entities, a self-functioning P2P financial market with data-driven automation is the motive of ChainLink.

Chainlink Defi is about helping build a financial system beyond government-issued cryptocurrencies. DeFi is all about shifting the powers of the centralized authorities to transfer value to decentralized authorities. The DeFi Dapps focus on creating trust dynamics in the decentralized financial markets using code.

ChainLink Education Blog Published: “DeFi shift trust away from humans and replace it with code.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “Developers and Enterprises who need to develop an Oracle for their Smart Contract applications can start with the developer documentation of ChainLink customizing for specific needs.” He further tweeted: “ChainLink is one of the official Cloud Partners of Google because Google knew ChainLink is good to bridge Legacy Databases.”

ChainLink Defi and the David Hoffman “Triple-Point Asset” Theory

Tangible and Intangible assets have inherent value. Assets are tokenized on the blockchain, and they are documented on smart contracts, which define the rules defining the theories and transactions for the asset type. Without any human intervention, the facets of the financial product throughout ownership, escrow, maintenance, execution, settlement, and custody are executed by the terms of the smart contract with appropriate codes. Boolean Logic, like if x, then y is used for the entire execution, per technical ChainLink sources explaining the same.

The David Hoffman article named “Ether is the Best Model for Money the World has Ever Seen” declares that DeFi Ecosystem is flourishing in the Ethereum.

ChainLink Accelerating Adoption

Determining what is right and what is false is crucial when it comes to dealing with any datasets. True and false determinations are hard outside the blockchain. A standard bridge between DeFi applications and off-chain data is essential to make the true and false determinations easy. ChainLink Facilitates customizable Protocol to help DeFi connect securely and reliably with off-chain resources.

However, the complete elimination of human intervention is not possible because the entire system is created and maintained by humans.

ChainLink Acknowledges that it is tough to “automate, particularly protocol development and internal governance.” Not everything can be coded away.

ChainLink is focusing on improving the next-generation DeFi applications by improving connectivity, enabling trusted, reliable, and customizable data, facilitate low-cost data and computation and enhance privacy.

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