Ethereum Moving From Mining to Staking Might Be Delayed By Skeptic Psychology of Some in the Community

By January 20, 2020 DApps
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Ethereum 2.0, according to reliable sources, has attracted several validators. With so many validators, it is hard to discriminate about who is controlling the network. However, the transit to proof-of-stakes is left to future developments. There are a lot of expressions of growing interest in the improvement of the Ethereum upgrade.

Being the second-largest network, ETH does not seem to move quickly into staking. They are moving in baby steps. The Ethash rings and the mining ecosystem are already well-established. The rewards for ETH staking is expected to be variable due to missed attitudes. Several skeptics in the community are not in agreement with staking, and they might want to look for alternative development, and the move to staking might be further delayed.

A strong price trend is seen for Ethereum, and it is expected that the token might progress to $200. From the ranges of $165 through $170, the sentiments seem very positive. On the 4-hour chart, it is seen that a critical rising channel is formed. And, it is expected that ETH will test the $198 through $200 ranges.

A Thread Written by Vitalik.eth of Ethereum

Vitalik of Ethereum recently compiled a thread about the grounds of disagreement between the crypto community, detailing human properties controlling the cryptographic key, and more. The founder also recently tweeted about the Survive vs. Thrive theory related to the political spectrum.

Vitalik reinstates that solving public governance challenges in decentralized communities and coin voting is terrible. He also focuses on how powerful actors will attack identity and sociality. Privacy, according to him, is hard; however, he opines it needs to get sustained to prevent human life from becoming a battlefield.

He welcomed the teams who are working on solving identity issues with consideration to privacy and robustness. He opined that the work in the identity issues would be well-explored over the next five years.

Ethereum Is Undervalued Right Now

Pedro Febrero stated:I failed to understand if the problem is indeed the lack of identity in crypto, to maintain privacy, or if the problem is one of coordination on the other hand. What if coordinating 1000 people with $1 to vote on X, becomes almost as simple as voting is for someone with $1000?”

Enthusiasts continuing to state that Ethereum is undervalued right now expect that it is likely that significant industry milestones like ETH 2.0 and several other launches will fuel the growth. The year 2020 is expected to be a year of dApps by several enthusiasts.

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