LedgerDEX upgrades to V3 of 0x protocol

By January 20, 2020DApps
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LedgerDEX upgrades to V3 of 0x protocol
Published by CryptoNinjas.net January 20, 2020

LedgerDEX, a crypto token manager and decentralized exchange (DEX) app built on top of 0x, announced today that to take advantage of the recent 0x V3 smart contract, it has now upgraded its platform.

Late last year, Ethereum P2P DEX protocol 0x upgraded to a new smart contract with many exciting new features. 0x’s old smart contract (V2) will soon retire.

New Features in LedgerDEX Version 3

  • Better Trading Liquidity: By sharing orders via the 0x Mesh network, traders will enjoy better-networked liquidity.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Now users can access LedgerDex on mobile phones by using crypto wallet apps with a dApp browser (currently working with imToken).
  • Better User Interface: LedgerDEX has re-designed its user interface from the ground up. The app is now much more user-friendly.
  • Allow Geo-Blocking Bypass: LedgerDEX still blocks users from non-supporting countries such as the United States. However, if a user is are temporarily traveling in those regions or using a VPN with an IP address for blocked regions, they can now bypass blocking.
  • Allow Trading Fees Paid in Non-ZRX Tokens: In older versions of the 0x protocols, maker and taker fees can only be paid in the ZRX token. Now this restriction has been removed. Any ERC20 tokens can be specified for trading fees.
  • Takers Will Pay a Protocol Fee: Version 3 of the 0x protocol has added a protocol fee that needs to be paid by the taker.

Compatibility Between Version 3 and Version 2

  • The user’s token balance (including WETH) will stay the same.
  • The user’s token tracking list and trading pair watchlist will remain the same.
  • Token allowances set on Version 2 will remain valid on Version 3. No need to re-set allowances.
  • Orders created on Version 2 will NOT be accessible on Version 3.

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