Blockchain gaming sees 162% growth in 2019

By January 21, 2020DApps
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Blockchain gaming has seen some considerable growth in 2019 compared with the year before. According to data from the decentralized gaming sector attracted 162% more users compared with 2018. In total there were more than 436 thousand gamers playing blockchain-powered games in 2019. Over fifty percent played these games on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, gaming is not the most popular activity of users interacting with blockchain technology. Over the year 4.6 million users have been active with decentralized apps. That means that less than ten percent of the blockchain users played a game, compared with only 8.9 percent in 2018.

Despite the growth in the amount of blockchain gaming users, the transaction volume went down considerably. In 2019 blockchain gaming only had 58 million dollars in transaction volume, against 161 million dollars in 2018. Two years ago pre-sales were very popular to generate development funds. These have now been replaced by other – often smaller and more phased – business funding models.

What lies ahead

Games like Gods Unchained and My Crypto Heroes managed to make headlines in 2019. Many people believe 2020 to become a big year for blockchain gaming. In the next twelve months other projects will blossom as well. Take Brave Frontier Heroes for example and the open flirt by Square Enix. Cryptovoxels and Decentraland are getting lots of traction recently, together with the rise of digital art. At the same time Axie Infinity is growing its audience with its mobile alpha test, and Crypto Space Commander is expanding its universe with new features.

The industry is waiting for the first mainstream hit. Animoca Brands does this by creating blockchain games based on major licenses, like Formula 1 and the Major League Baseball. At the same time Dapper Labs is developing NBA Top Shots, while also creating a gaming-oriented blockchain called Flow. This project is backed by gaming industry giant Ubisoft.

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