GXChain for Quadrillion Level Data Economy and Trusted Data Modules

By January 22, 2020 DApps
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GXChain tweeted: “#GXChain was invited to 2020 Block Talk Summit hosted by @NewPower2019 and #BlockTalk at Fordham University, #NYC. @Alex_Ding28 Yunpeng Ding, Director of International BD, went to the summit representing #GXChain. Great summit, and thanks for the invitation! @BitMartExchange”

GXChain is based on the Graphene Underlying Architecture based on the DPoS. GXChain consists of functions like G-ID, GVM, Baas, and Blockcity – all of these are apt for application development. GXChain facilitates data economy with multiple trusted data modules.

GXChain facilitates resources, Dapps, research, TrustNodes, BlockExplorer, and Bounties for developers and users. The GXChain data-economy system was comprehensively upgraded in 2019.

MQ Huang, Founder, and CEO of GXChain in the past have stated that several projects are competing for their market share in the Blockchain industry; however, their shares are limited. He further opined that the off-chain business model is the key to obtaining incremental and exclusive funds.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “I am waiting to see the next big step from #GXChain after the Block Talk Summit at the Fordham University. Staying Tuned. “

GXChain Industrial Level Data Exchange Solution

The industrial level Data search solution from GxChain helps in the solving of several concerns of the data purchaser concerning the trust on the data purchased and the updated nature of the data etc. Data source concerns like protecting personal privacy while selling and reselling data and the safety factors when trading data on Blockchain will all be considered.

The Features provide for Data Uncached, Privacy Protection, Data Copyright Protection, Qualified Data Source Access, and Prevention of Data fraud.

The industrial level permissionless blockchain will provide millions of users whose real IDs are verified. The General Digital Identity G-ID, Plentiful Traffic Support, and Massive Amount of User Data are a plus.

GXChain Developer Support Fund

The Developer Support fund provides very strong support for application development. Users can instantly apply the GXC token on the test net with due clarifications made available from Technical Documentation.

GxChain is supported in China, and therefore they can create the trusted data internet of value.

The White paper provides a clear outline for the GXC token. The GXC is mined by making use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Trust on the Blockchain is the most important thing handled by this project. With more people trusting organizations with personal information like in Amazon, Sony, Apple, etc. services facilitated by GXChain is becoming increasingly important.

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