Tron CEO Announces the Project ‘’MCP Torch’’ for Re-shaping the Internet

By February 3, 2020 DApps
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The CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, comes with a new privacy project called MPC Torch project. He puzzled the crypto community about the launching of a new project in the past. But now, he set out his new anonymity product on the screen and revealed the whole info as well.

Justin Sun wants the crypto community interested members to come and participate in the operations of the privacy protocol by acting as a server. One who will contribute in the MPC torch will be called a contributor. He or she will have to subscribe by email and run out as a server: to be able to win $100 as a reward.

Justin Sun wrote on the Twitter:

#TRON’s MPC Torch Projectseeks to utilize zk-SNARKS-basedanonymity to reshape the Internet. As of now, there are 20 people attended the MPC Torch Project.

(1/3)#TRON’s MPC Torch Projectseeks to utilize zk-SNARKS-basedanonymity to reshape the Internet.

The ultimate goal for TRONZ is to improve the security and credibility of the Setup and provide a set of fair and reliable parameters for the entire humanity.

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 22, 2020

One can access the MPC Torch project through GitHub. To this time, the team members reach out to 20: that is going on increasing.

According to Sun, the MPC Torch will work underlying the advanced technology Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge” or ZK-SNARKs. The privacy protocol had already been used on the Ethereum network to solve the scalability problems.

Second largest dApps Network in the World

Tron Network has also made its position at the top in terms of running dApps. Recently, Sun shared data on Twitter that Tron has surpassed the EOS network regarding dApps. Now, Tron has become the second largest blockchain platform with respect to dApps: that is 688. While Ethereum remains at the first rank as usual.

The number of #TRON #Dapps has surpassed that of #EOS. #TRON has become the 2nd largest public chain with 688 #Dapps in the world. Welcome more developers and users join #TRON ecosystem.

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