Akoin’s integration with Stellar speaks of promise for Africa and the world

By March 3, 2020DApps
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Ever since I met Akon at The Malta Blockchain Summit last year, I knew he has had been planning something really amazing with his new crypto-coin Akoin. The legendary singer is also a great change-maker who really wants to do something concrete for his country and the world. And he is a man of words. When he said he would bring solar lighting to Africa, he did. When we met at Malta last year, he told me he has got some solid plans with Akoin ecosystem and crypto-coin that will help to unlock Africa’s immense potential and empower the youth entrepreneurs here. The recent news of Akoin’s integration with Stellar duly proves the coin is all set to make things better for Africa.

What makes Akoin so promising?

Unlike other regular blockchain ecosystems which do not stress on needs and interests of the individual investors, Akoin speaks of a welcome change. The Akoin ecosystem has been engineered to create an innovative global venture which will offer real-life and digital tools and services to innovate and boost excellent opportunities for development and growth. Akon’s cryptocurrency is aspired to create positive scope for young entrepreneurs across Senegal, Africa- and gradually across the world. Akoin enables consumers to earn, save as well as spend the cryptocurrency straight from their smartphones via various crypto-backed entrepreneur-building applications.

The Akoin ecosystem and coin are geared to extend great revenue-generation opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and inspire innovation in major sectors like technology and manufacturing. These revenue-generation opportunities will be utilized to improve economic stability across Africa and also the larger world out there.

Integration with Stellar

It was a great thing for the crypto community to know that Akon would be launching his Akoin coin through Stellar blockchain. I do resonate with Akoin co-founder Jon Karas who said that the recent integration was mostly decided to explore the shared valued between Stellar and Akoin. Stellar’s hybrid distributed blockchain will be an excellent support for Akoin in fulfilling the shared mission to create financial inclusion in Africa and also globally

  • Easy currency swap

Due to Stellar integration, the Akoin token would comply with Stellar wallets as well as interoperable with all the digital assets or fiat currencies that are compatible with Stellar network. Stellar Network has earned much kudos for facilitating seamless cross-asset transfers of value. This very feature will allow Akoin to facilitate realization of phone prepaid minutes- one of its major aims. Given banking and inflation woes, minutes are considered as digital currency in African nations. The platform would allow Akoin users minute swapping for different cryptocurrencies and also fiat.

  • Help for the unbanked

Akoin is driven to extend financial support to the unbanked niche across various nations in Africa as well as other developing countries. It resonates with Stellar’s missions as one of network’s goals is to help out the unbanked. I was delighted to know that Akoin spokesperson has confirmed that Stellar has already started working with many Africa-based businesses and hence would be a great support for Akoin’s micro loans and Dapps.

Best wishes to Akoin TOA (Token of Appreciation) program

The unique Akoin TOA program is certainly a great initiative on part of Akoin Foundation. It’s driven by this great goal to harvest minimum $1 million from investors. The garnered money would be utilized for building Akoin ecosystem as well as launching the Akoin cryptocoin. For every 1 USD that would be donated during the TOA program period, the investors/donors would acquire 4 Akoin coins as note of appreciation. And once the target of 1 million is attained, the TOAs would be distributed across various tiers.

Looking forward to Akoin Crypto City

As an ardent supporter of the great humanitarian, I am looking forward to the realization of Akon’s vision of sustainable, smart and eco-friendly Akoin Crypto City in near future. Planned to be built near Dakar over the coming decade, the Akion Crypto City is sure to set new standards of conscientious urbanization before the world.

Akon, you great man, you rock! It was great meeting you at Malta. I am looking forward to sit with you all soon and help you all in realizing the noble mission and vision of Akoin.

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