IOTA News: New details on Trive.Park, HOCHTIEF seeks developers

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  • The IOTA partner EDAG has released an update to its Trive.Park app and presented the hardware behind the system for parking garages.
  • Germany’s largest construction company, HOCHTIEF, is looking for a blockchain developer with practical project experience in the technologies of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and IOTA.

The IOTA Foundation and EDAG Engineering GmbH, a service provider for the automotive industry and an engineering service provider for vehicle development, plant construction and prototype building, have already been working together for some time on various mobility issues. In September last year, for example, both partners presented the CityBot concept. Another joint project is the Trive.Park app, which was first announced in August 2019 and is already available for IOS and Android, as well as being used in various car parks in German cities.

Paying the car park barrier via IOTA token

Alexander Süssemilch from EDAG has published new details about this project in a blog post. As he describes, the developed platform is the only solution that car park operators can use immediately to digitally market parking offers in a car park. In addition, additional services such as interior cleaning, tyre changing or a delivery service could also be offered via the platform.

Booking is done via the Trive.Park app, and payment is made via Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card. According to Süssemilch, the hardware for the entrance barrier was developed together with Datafox, making it an IoT device. An additional module was developed for the barrier opening, which includes a hardware component specially designed for car park barriers. The communication takes place via a Bluetooth transmitter, which can be seen in the following picture


Via this Bluetooth transmitter it is possible to realize messages between the backend and the hardware of Datafox via the https protocol, a directed “Bluetooth beam” for indoor positioning from the barrier, software updates of the hardware “over the air” and logging and remote debugging. In addition, further sensors can be connected.

Süssemilch also emphasizes that the installation and operation of the hardware is very convenient for car park operators. Power can be supplied directly via the barrier system. The data connection to the backend, on the other hand, can be made via LAN, mobile radio or WLAN. With regard to IOTA, Süssemilch explained further:

In addition, the payment flow could be displayed using the cryptocurrency IOTA as an example, which in the future will help to reduce transaction costs.

When and if the implementation of IOTA payments beyond a proof of concept in the Trive.Park app will be realized remains to be seen.

The Largest German construction company is looking for blockchain developers for IOTA or Ethereum

Moreover, it became known yesterday that NEXPLORE Technology, which bundles the digital transformation processes of the largest German construction company, HOCHTIEF, is looking for a blockchain developer. The company develops specific technologies and software applications and is looking for a developer in the area of blockchain application development as well as Hyperledger fabric chaincode (smart contracts).

As a requirement, the job description states that practical project experience in the technologies of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and IOTA is desirable:

You have first practical project experience with blockchain and DLT technologies (Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, IOTA…) and programming languages like NodeJS, TypeScript, Go and Java, JavaScript is required.

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Germany’s largest construction company, HOCHTIEF, is […]

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