Qtum to use Phantom Privacy Protocol for Smart Contract on Qtum First

By March 4, 2020DApps
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Qtum, the decentralized #Blockchain application platform, is capable of running Smart Contracts on multiple virtual machines, with Proof-of-Stake consensus. The Qtum team is continuing to work hard concerning offline staking. They are working on Qtum Neutron, Electrum, and much more. The weekly development updates help users keep a tab on the happenings in the community.

Recently, the weekly updates featured the release of Qtum version, making #Qtum one of the most up-to-date Bitcoin Forks.

Patrick Dai is the founder of Qtum. He is a thinker and the doer. He recently tweeted: “Here is the Phantom Privacy Protocol for Smart Contract from Qtum Developer. It’s better than AZTEC. Phantom can hide the transaction amount and address the same time. A NEW Time for Smart Contact Privacy. Will be used on Qtum first.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “Qtum seems to be testing new technology, and they are continuing to be innovative. Coincheck has recently announced Qtum to be available for trading.”

Coincheck will, therefore, permit its users to send, receive, buy, and sell Qtum.

Qtum Google and Amazon

Qtum is working with Google and Amazon to come up with their own Dapps platform. Qtum plays a very important role in defining the blockchain economy. Qtum particularly leverages the security provided by UTXO. It is based on PoS and, therefore, a (DGP) Decentralized Governance Protocol. Accordingly, specific blockchain settings are modified using smart contracts. If the block size of the Qtum should be increased, it can be done without needing a hard fork.

QIPs are QTUM improvement proposals that are generated by both developers and the community. The QIPs are sometimes from enterprise users. The Nodemap provides details of the Global Node Distribution. Qtum offers a full Nodes incentives program.

In short, Qtum is focusing on forming a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities and also serve as a bridge between traditional companies like “Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, NASDAQ, and others.”

Executives from some of China’s largest technology companies back QTUM.

Qtum Hybrid Blockchain Application Platform

Binance very recently announced that they would be launching a perpetual contract for QTUM. When talking about QTUM, Binance pointed out that it is a hybrid blockchain application platform. Further stated that the core technology of Qtum combines a fork of Bitcoin Core, the accounts abstraction layer, which provides for multiple virtual machines which include Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) Proof of Stake Consensus which tackles industry use cases.

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