How Media Becomes Corporate And Gov Controlled

By March 6, 2020Ethereum
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Knowledge is power, and power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it’s all so mechanic too.

There are plenty very brave men and women, very fine men and women, very smart men and women, quite ordinary too, in the fairly big media industry who care and quite deeply about their position and responsibility.

To take a recent example, the resignation of an Iranian news anchor live on TV after the Iranian government lied to its people about the shooting of an Iranian plane, was probably met in western opinion with quite a few things.

First, it’s Iran, what do you expect. Second, she didn’t du nuffin about being lied to for the past 30 years, now, it’s just a gesture.

What if it isn’t. What if she was actually fooled. And if she wasn’t, what if the system entraps her and imprisons her and not the Iranian one, for neither the TV nor much else in modern tech – like propaganda – was invented in Iran.

Which anchor resigned after regurgitating, and in some cases knowingly propagating, the many lies that the media at the time repeated about the Iraq war – or to make it more fiery and contemporary about the ‘baby eating’ terrists who it turns out ‘just’ happen to be Arab nationalists – with such ferocity to the point students were about to reflexively rise back in 2007.

Which anchor or even media commentator, who is apologizing to anyone, let alone so publicly resigning in protest.

None because the resignation of the Iranian anchor is not due to the ferocity of the Iranian government, but due to its lack of sophistication, and perhaps lack of education of its people, to the point someone in such position so naively thinks her gesture has any effect on anything whatever as it very much did not.

Why? Why have we been reduced to accept as a matter of fact the usurpation of many of our principles, to see – despite knowing very well this woman is a woman – to see her as something else. To see all the communistic control at the heart of capitalism and yet shrug it off with: be fearful, or dreams are for fools, or hopes are naive, or the enwrapping system is water without air.

Because power corrupts, and there is a power relation between the media and the government. At an individual level any minister for example knows well the media can bring him or her down. And at a human level if some media outlet is making – perhaps even justified remarks one does not like – and one has the considerable choice in media outlets, why not go beyond just denying access to smearing this media outlet itself.

And so you bring them in line. Yes minister. Or you divide them into nonsense left or right or nazi and liberal or black or white or any obscenity that distracts from your abuse of power against those that speak for millions in requiring accountability.

Millions who may be peasants, and have other means to demand such accountability, as we learn now and then to our collective, but necessary, expense.

Yet few will understand that deep complexity. Plenty of hores to wear the media microphone, men and women, unaware perhaps of even why they exist let alone what are time tested principles.

Like the media has a role because if the pen does not talk, who talks? If the pen can just be denied answers, who do you think will demand answers?

They disparage this node, those who were held accountable, feeling entitled for sugary treatment even when the pitchforks are out there and we try to put them down by doing the fairly specialized job that the many, that the we, can’t easily do.

Yet those many and those ‘we’ become he or she as seen from those who pretend they are angels despite fleecing so many, despite caught in such careless statements that have been turned into memes, despite their endless two weeks, despite their constant hiding of pertinent information from the public.

Superiority is a philosophy that has led to many atrocities, and is also a very natural human inclination, which is kept in check by the backlash and accountability of this pen and many other pens for this Straussian media philosophy that engulfs all of us already has had a warning in the global revolts of 2019.

And when you don’t answer the pen, you answer a different sort of pen, for just as you can lower your principles, so can others too.

We could have made this more about censorship at r/ethereum instead of abstractly talking. We could have highlighted the groupthink or collusion that almost led to a backdoor being installed in the ethereum network. We could have pointed out the hypocrisy and the deception of many actors.

But we’re less naive than the Iranian anchor, and also less naive than the subjectivists of Straussian wrappers.

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There are plenty very brave men and women, very fine men and women, […]

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