ChainLink (LINK) Sergey Nazarov on Future Capabilities of Oracles beyond Secure Data Delivery

By March 8, 2020Ethereum
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The glory of linking Google with Chainlink has kept the market for Chainlink (LINK) a long way through. It was about building blockchain hybrid blockchain and cloud applications with Ethereum and Google.

A ChainLink (LINK) pinned tweet from June 13, 2019 reads thus: “We’re thrilled to share that Google is one of the great companies integrating Chainlink into their approach to smart contract adoption. Here’s how @GCPcloud users can use Chainlink to connect to BigQuery, one of Google’s most popular cloud services.”

Sergey Nazarov, CEO of ChainLink firmly believes in that tamper proof smart contracts are reinventing the way in which every financial contract which needs to be trusted will work.

Recently on March 06, 2020, Chainlink (LINK) reflected on the fireside chat between SergeyNazarov & AriJuels. In the chat, they were discussing the future capabilities of oracles beyond the secure data delivery process. They as well discussed “Mixicles, Town Crier, Trusted Execution Environments, DECO, Arbitrum and a lot more.

ChainLink Sergey on Exchange Hacks Delivery Lessons for DEFi

According to Sergey, the price of oracles have an important role to play when it comes to DeFi Attacks. There is a lot that DeFi can learn from these attacks. The podcast that runs for 34 minutes and 53 seconds is worth listening by DeFi developers. Inquistive developers would find the Podcast useful.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted: “It is from experiences we take lessons. Lessons not taken are recipe for future vulnerability. Sergey Nazarov of ChainLink (LINK) is ideally right in the process of taking the lesson of the event for DeFi hack.”

Sergey had previously warned that it is not good for DeFI smart contract developers to use on-chain or off-chain data source/exchange API to determine price. He states that it is important to use high quality aggregators from decentralized oracles like ChainLink.

Stepping back and gaining perspective is a good thing and it sure helps in making better decisions.

ChainLink – RealT are Tokenizing Real Estate

RealT are tokenizing real estate on the Ethereum blockchain. Chainlink oracles in this case will serve as property appraisers which facilitate independent, trust-minimized property valuations for real estate holdings. ChainLink (LINK) firmly believes in that healthy markets need healthy data. Objective verifiable data provide a clear history of the property, thereby making is easy to conclude on the truthfulness of data. Thus, buyers, owners and sellers are able to get the most accurate information. ChainLink thereby contributes in determining a fair market value.

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