Ethereum-based game SkyWeaver raises $5 million for further development

By March 9, 2020Ethereum
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  • The development studio Horizon Games has raised $5 million in a new round of financing.
  • In addition, the SkyWeaver preseason of the Ethereum-based game will start at the end of the month.

The development studio Horizon Blockchain Games has announced in a blog post that $5 million have been raised in a further financing round. The list is led by Ohanian’s Initialized Capital, Polychain Capital, ConsenSys, Golden Ventures, Digital Currency Group and Regah Ventures.

The company has already raised $3,75 million in a first financing round last year. Horizon Blockchain Games is working on the development of the Ethereum-based fantasy card game SkyWeaver and has recently pushed ahead with beta testing. The special feature of the game is that the users really own the cards.

Horizon operates an Ethereum blockchain-based platform called “Arcadeum”, which is connected to the game and proves the ownership of each player. If players buy, sell or exchange cards, this is documented in the blockchain and thus recorded in an unalterable form. The platform will be opened for external developers in the near future, so that they can also develop and test dApps.

SkyWeaver is a decentralized card game that can be compared to Blizzard’s Herdstein. Anyone can download and install the game for free on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android. In the game, cardholders compete against each other and can earn more cards through successful battles. So far there are about 500 different cards, which are divided into two categories: Silver and Gold.

A “silver card” can be bought for 2 USD and is available in the game as often as you like. “Gold cards”, on the other hand, are rarer and can only be acquired in trade or direct combat. The actual value of a Gold card depends strongly on rarity and demand and may change as the game evolves.

The cards are represented in the game by Weave tokens, which use the ERC-1155 standard. Each player has an Ethereum wallet connected to the Arcadeum platform. Users can also use an external wallet that supports the ERC-1155 standard to store the Weave token. SkyWeaver is in closed beta since July last year and has attracted many users since then.

As part of the private beta, the SkyWeaver preseason has been started and will be opened for the first players at the end of this month. Players will compete for the best places on the ranking list and the best 1,000 players can receive rewards. The community has already developed third-party tools such as and has organized two tournaments of its own.

The chief developer of the game, Peter Kieltyka, describes that SkyWeaver has 12,000 active users and the community is enthusiastic about the gameplay:

With 12,000 playtesters, and 90,000+ more players awaiting access, we already have a wonderful community that we’re extremely grateful for. We’ve been balancing the game, making tons of UI and UX improvements based on user feedback, and have been testing our Marketplace.

Blockchain gaming market continues to grow

A study conducted by the block chain data service Technavio shows that the worldwide gaming market will increase by an additional 10% to a total volume of USD 90.1 billion by 2023 through the use of block chains. The block chain provides new growth opportunities for the industry:

The integration of blockchain technology also provides decentralized asset exchange, verifiable scarcity of virtual objects, fast and secure payment networks, and can enable game service providers or game developers to monetize their gaming services. Thus, it is expected that the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry will present a huge growth opportunity for market participants during the forecast period.

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In addition, the SkyWeaver preseason of the Ethereum-based game will start at the […]

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