Blockchain Telecommunications: New Era of Crypto Industry And Asset Backing Investors’s Portfolio

By March 16, 2020Ethereum
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  • The telecommunication industry worldwide is much diversified, making it vast and complex. It has been abruptly hit by numerous disruptive technologies that are decreasing their revenues and increasing operating costs.
  • However, blockchain aims to bring transformation in the telecommunication sector as it is moving towards 5G services, IoT, and virtualized ecosystems.
  • During the current stage of market downfall, only real assets provide a sense of safety for the investors, and telecommunication is being one of them.

As discussed in the previous article, the telecommunication industry worldwide is much diversified, making it vast and complex. It has been abruptly hit by numerous disruptive technologies that are decreasing their revenues and increasing operating costs.


  • Curing fraud practices and management: The telecommunication industry is known for fraud detection and prevention. Over the years, the industry is said to face a $38 billion loss annually on average. However, blockchain aims to provide global solutions to the industry in several ways. Providing integrated public key through cryptography capabilities to avoid false identification of physical sim cards in one of them. The Telecom industry also faces roaming frauds that could be avoided by implementing a permission blockchain between every pair of operators that have a roaming agreement.
  • Data management: one of the leading special features of blockchain is its virtual storage capability. This is another big use case of blockchain in telecommunications, which can help to generate new sources of income.
  • Leading Telecommunication Companies entering blockchain: Most of the leading telecom operators like AT&T, T-mobile, Orange, Verizon, etc. have filed multiple patents related to blockchain in telecom. Market-leading companies like IBM and Microsoft have also shown great interest in industry events that combine telecom with blockchain.


During the current stages of market downfall and crash, it is better to invest in real assets, which are backed by strong fundamentals and future projections. The Telecom industry satisfies both the cases. There is a lot of potential telecom based projects like Dent, Qlink, Telcoin, Bubbletone, Blocksims. All of the mentioned projects are ranked above the list of 100 crypto assets, which means that the overall market forces won’t affect these coins that much.


Cajutel (CAJ) is a guinea based telecom firm that aims to provide high-speed internet at affordable prices to serve the masses in West Africa. Guinea-Bissau is a country with a population of 1.7 million and ranks almost to the bottom of development indexes like literacy, GDP, and HDI. Only the medium of the internet and communication is the way to improve and change all this. Currently, the country has no 4G, no 3G, or even 2.5G.

Cajutel aims to build infrastructure with reliable high-speed broadband internet with affordable prices to the whole of West Africa. This will help to bring education, support, growth, and business to the region while giving many individuals and groups of west Africa first time excess to the mountain of knowledge available on the internet.

Cajutel can hit the region with first-mover advantage by providing internet and communications services in the area for the first time, which ables to build a strong revenue and growth model for the company.

For fundraising, the firm has moved to cryptomarket and considered it as the modern approach for gathering funds for the implementation of the operations model. It is the first Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO) in Africa.

The business model and the purpose of the firm makes its fundamentals very strong. As Guinea-Bissau is struggling in terms of Macroeconomic growth levels, providing internet services in the area promises to have strong future projections also. Crypto investors can fill in their portfolio by investing in Ethereum based Cajutel with the purpose of long-term holding.

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