Ethereum (ETH) should be Made Centralized Temporarily and then Decentralized

By March 19, 2020bitcoin-ms
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The Ethereum Community is positive and believes that Ethereum will come back stronger.

Real Use Index was published for TRON vs. ETH. Real Use Index is a performance metric, and it looks like TRON flippened Ethereum.

Tyler.Smith.Eth tweeted: “The game hasn’t changed, but the stakes are getting MUCH higher. Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity, all 3 phases) needs to ship ASAP. The world needs an alternative, and sorry, but Bitcoin won’t rise to the challenge. Support every effort to deliver Ethereum 2.0 faster.”

Bob Summerwill, in response to the tweet, expressed that the only way in which IMHO to deliver ETH2 faster will be to take the project seriously. He felt that it was essential to hire full-time and dedicated staff. “Appoint a “call the ball” benevolent dictator.”

The root cause of slow progress, he stated it was the allergy to hierarchy and allergy to professionalism. Summerwill believes that it is okay to centralize and then decentralize. He further clarified that it is not possible to wish on rainbows and unicorns towards success. He feels it is important to grow up.

In response, Tyler agreed to Bob Summerwill and expressed that he is in agreement. However, he stated that he would like to take 80% product over perfection. He opined that the world is in need of the 80% solution desperately.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Ethereum (ETH) has got the complete capability to stay as a product with self-sustained value. However, it needs to deliver on time. ETH 2.0 should deliver.”

Ethereum (ETH) Resilient Decentralized Application

There is now a need to come up with a more resilient decentralized application. The lowest points have been happening. We are now involved in a situation where there is a high lack of liquidity. The market is automated, and in situations where there is congestion paying higher gas fees gets the work done. This means the high gas price for all.

The market conditions are extreme, and several leveraged positions are liquidated. A chance for Oracle manipulations is also highly possible. Oracles will not publish values that might not be favorable to their positions. Oracles might choose not to report.

Ethereum Congestion leads to masked bad behavior, which is still under investigation. Networks benefit from gaining fractional timing benefits. High gas prices under the current scenario need some addressing; otherwise, the losses will be socialized.

The effects of the lack of centralized control during emergencies are pretty visible.

Real Use Index was published for TRON vs. ETH. Real Use Index is a performance metric, and […]

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