ICON Joins with Dapp.com to Promote Exposure for ICON Dapps

By March 20, 2020DApps
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On March 19, 2020, ICON Foundation announced on Medium their new decision to integrate ICON project with leading dapps’ blockchain and on-chain analysis platform, Dapp.com, to promote exposure for ICON dapps’ ecosystem.

ICON Foundation stated that their decision was driven by requests from dapps in its ecosystem to be exposed to a large user base, like the one present at Dapp.com.

As one of the largest blockchain ecosystems, ICON recently handed over two projects to VELIC, stating that their goal is to create a large pool of decentralized network developers and reduce dapps’ dependency on their ICONLOOP ecosystem.

ICON Project Will Now Be featured on four of Dapp’s Chain Analysis Services

Dapp.com is a decentralized applications market place that is building an ecosystem with various product lines for promoting the adoption of decentralized applications, according to its whitepaper:

“We provide tools and trusted information for developers and users who want to explore the potential of blockchain and decentralized technology.”

The first exposure will be through the ICON Column listing on Dapp.com’s Homepage and Ranking Page with statistics showing data like user frequency, transactions, and dapp scores.

ICON will also have its own Dapp Page, where dapps on its ecosystem will each have a profile, stats display, and user feedback.

The third listing will be on Dapp Market Overview Page, which uses different data filters to compare and contrast dapps with others from diverse top blockchain ecosystems.

Lastly, Dapp.com will add ICON dapps to its Dapp Dara Telegram Bot service, which reports real-time dapp statistics in various group chats.

Apart from availing ICON dapps on Dapp.com’s services, the ICON Foundation will conduct a marketing campaign that will feature a listing awareness campaign, ICON dapps free promotion packages, and educational content about the ICON dapps.

Dapp.Com is an Earlier Beneficiary of ICON Community Grant

ICON Foundation launched the ICON Community Grant late last year to provide funding to blockchain and cryptocurrencies developers to build daps on the ICON ecosystem:

“This program will operate until the ICON Contribution Proposal System is fully developed and implemented on the ICON Network.”

Now it seems like Grant awardees are among the developers on ICON public blockchain who have influenced the decision to seek more exposure for the dapps developer platform:

“We expect ICON dapps to benefit from having exposure to the large user base of dapp.com, which includes 100K+ MAU, 4-5K DAU, 105K registered users, and an email list of over 20K emails.”

Stating its excitement to be integrating with one successful guarantee of their program, ICON Foundation added that they proud to see its ecosystem growing through collaboration with external projects:

“It is great to see the ecosystem grow in collaboration with external communities, and we hope to accelerate the growth of the ICON ecosystem by promoting the ICON community Grant Program more actively to other communities going forward.”

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