Smite and Power Rangers studios join Forte blockchain

By March 25, 2020Ethereum
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The companies behind games like Smite, Paladins, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and Realm of the Mad God are going to use blockchain technology by Forte in existing or upcoming games. Blockchain company Forte has partnered with Hi-Rez Studios, Netmarble, Magmic, Nway and DECA Games. Each company will integrate Forte’s blockchain platform, adding new economic and creative options to their games.

The biggest name in this list is without a doubt Hi-Rez Studios. This game studio made name for itself with the release of Smite. After that the studio also created Paladins and the battle royale game Realm Royale. Currently the studio is working on Rogue Company, a character-driven team based competitive online objective game.

The addition of nWay on this list of partners is remarkable as well. Animoca Brands acquired the studio back in December. It’s unknown what nWay’s next project is, even though the studio still has the license to the Power Rangers franchise.

Technically the Forte blockchain still uses the Ethereum blockchain. Even though Forte is currently invite-only, it will be free, open, and work across any game platform. It uses open-source protocols like Ethereum and Interledger to tokenize in-game assets and enable cross-chain transactions. The company behind Forte wants to platform to become decentralized in the future. It will be owned and controlled by the games community at large rather than just one company.

Interledger and Ripple

Fun fact.

Forte and Ripple’s developer initiative XSpring are the ones pumping 100 million dollars into game development. A part of Forte’s technology even uses the Ripple Interledger Protocol for money transfers, while a smart contract service called Codius is taking care of cross-chain transactions. Ripple doesn’t have the best reputation among purists, but now the company is involved in the development of blockchain games… even though this involvement is only on the sidelines.

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