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I really love games most especially if it comes up on a block chain from gamble to dice then so many more. Many people play games for fun or entertainment or sometimes to prove a point. And so many games have been created and are called dapps because they run on a blockchain

A decentralized application known as dapp is a computer application that runs on distributed computing system. DApps have been popularized by distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum Blockchain, where DApps are often referred to as smart contracts.

The dapp I want to talk about is that on a great block chain called tron with its name as FIGHTRON

FIGHTRON is new dapp where one can play and earn while paying games like dice or cards on the tron block chain, this is simply breathtaking

So as you play you can gain trx as dividends and gains. My most favourite is the Dice game which is very transparent and fair with no possibility of cheats or bots thanks to the secured system.


It should be known that the dapp also has its own Native token under Tron which is called FGT token which you get or mine while playing games on the dapp. The FGT is only with a limited number of 50 million

Every 500 TRX bet earns for users FGT Tokens, those who owns FGT Tokens
becomes co-owners of the platform. Tokens can only be obtained by the platform users, they are not available for buying outside the platform. So, the platform is protected for being centralised.

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