Week in Ethereum News March 29, 2020

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Stuff for developers

  • Solidity v0.6.x features: fallback and receive
  • Yul+ from Fuel Labs. Features added to Yul’s low-level intermediate language: enums, constants, booleans, memory structures, safemath
  • Truffle v5.1.19. fully decode internal function pointers, new –bail flag in TruffleTest
  • Slither v0.6.10 – 5 new detectors, support for Solidity v0.6
  • Samczsun finds a bug in Synthetix release
  • Using the debugger in Remix online IDE
  • OpenZeppelin CLI v2.8, now you can opt out of upgradeability
  • ELI5smartcontracts: input Solidity code and the website tells you what it does
  • Zeropool’s Fawkes framework in Rust for building bellman circuits
  • Iden3’s Circom v0.5 – updated tutorial. Open sourced very fast finite field libraries, getting close to being production ready for writing snark circuits.



Governance, DAOs, and standards

Application layer



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