QuikNode Provides Blockchain Infrastructure To Help You Create World-Class Products

By March 31, 2020DApps
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~ It’s a simple API and node service for accessing Blockchain data
~ Huge hit since its inception in 2017 with 3k+ followers on Twitter
~ All-new 2.0 version launched today with much improved features & design

Across the world, developers and businesses are trying hard to tap Blockchain to come out with groundbreaking products, but they don’t find it easy to interface.
Often they don’t have the resources to do so and at times their in-house efforts are just not good enough.

They need quick and easy-to-use tools, which are also affordable so that they don’t burn a hole in their pocket in the initial stages, when testing the waters on a new product. That said, there is no denying the huge potential of Blockchain in bringing technology in practical and life changing ways to the most needy people of society.

As per a report by the World Bank, crypto-based cross-border transactions are the most affordable way of remittance transaction. For example, it is now common for Mexicans living out of their country to use it to send money back home.

In order to make more of these game-changing innovations possible, QuikNode (https://quiknode.io/) came into being in 2017. QuikNode works as an extremely simple API (application programming interface) and node service for accessing Blockchain data.

Thanks to QuikNode, all it takes is one line of code to connect Blockchain data to your dApp (decentralized application).

With the help of this API, developers can access data on the Ethereum Blockchain (like block-info, smart-contract data, account balances & more) to build products and apps, and get to market quickly — all without ever touching a cloud server or setting up a node themselves (which is otherwise difficult, time-consuming, and many times expensive).

QuikNode 1.0 was hugely successful, but to take the product further, the creators have launched version 2.0 today. They realized that some developers weren’t able to access Ethereum because of price-related concerns. So, they created QuikNode API, which has a 100% free tier for developers.

Now, users can start accessing Ethereum MainNet without thinking of price and start creating products from the word ‘go’. There are also other powerful enhancements in QuikNode 2.0: it comes with an intelligent layer called QuikNode Boost (which accelerates calls by up to 300%), usage analytics, and easy blockchain node management.

QuikNode offers a range of plans so users have a painless process as they develop and move into higher levels of business. Plans start with a free tier for developers and move up as business and usage scale.

More than anything else, QuikNode has taken upon itself to spread awareness about how to use Blockchain, which is crucial to the blockchain ecosystem. Through its blog and newsletter, it provides community insights and promotes education.

Its blogs provide step-by-step tutorials to educate programmers. Check out a blog here on practical advice for Solidity (a smart-contract programming language) developers, or this one on how to build with the popular Kyber Network (an on-chain liquidity protocol).

QuikNode also works with companies like 0xGames (which creates open economy games powered by Blockchain) and ITAM Games (which helps existing games in integrating with Blockchain) and many other developers as well.

It also sponsors hackathons like ETHNewYork, ETHDenver.com, ETHIndia.co, HexaHive, HackInOut, and many more. At such events, hackers from around the world collaborate to come out with new apps and products.

QuikNode is on a mission to make Blockchain accessible to millions of developers and companies around the world. The work doesn’t stop at the launch of its 2.0 version; QuikNode is committed to supporting the #web3 ecosystem and coming out with new products, features, and developer tools for years to come.

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