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First and foremost i love games, yes some might call it an addiction but notwithstanding its great to play games which have a positive effect on you and not an adverse effect that can weaken your life span. When we talk about positive effect i speak of entirely on Monetary games, of course people play games for fun,but let me ask you what use would that be.
Let me not bore you with mere talk as i have a story that leads to what am about to write about,imagine going to a casino table to play a game with other human minds what do you think the result would be. Yes of course the odds might not the fair because you are dealing with human calculations, human transactions, which are always not all transparent in terms of sincerity and openness.
The good news is there is suddenly platform which allows in game play but on a block chain therefore there is no form of errors or cheats, in other words the transparency is effective when using it.

BLOCKCHAIN : In all cases, link your investments to your value proposition, and give your business partners and your customers what they want most: speed,convenience, and control over their transactions. Develop a robust strategy, one in which your dapps company thrive
this blockchain is known as EOS and it is very well secured and transparent. Now imagine playing dice and poker games on this NETWORK with secured transaction.
Now think of an artificial intelligence that involves playing poker without interference from human minds and affiliations.. imagine its simplicity and thoughts when playing.

In this system you can create your own personalised settings and then you earn in cryptocurrency known as EOS or its native token.
This system is known as BG BigGame


This is great as the beautiful thing about it is that you will play against each other and there will be no room for human involvement as its strictly artificial intelligence.
This is indeed a new innovation as many other dapps lacks this vision of intelligence in their games which gives rise to human errors and lacks consistency but BG is the King to other dapps.
BG is made up interesting games that gamers will never find elsewhere, they include:
Banker bullPoker WarUltimate Texas Hold emUltimate 3 card Poker
This Four feature games are indeed incredible
The banker bull and Poker war are inarguably the top guns when it comes to gaming on BG eos dapp, it is so fair to the extent that there is huge percentage of winning when playing the poker game

Ultimate Texas Holdem

from BigGame is an adaptation of the highly popular Texas Hold’em casino table game. You can play your favorite game of Texas Hold’em poker against the dealer while also trying your luck at the exciting side bets for higher payout.

The Ultimate 3 card poker

is another incredible game on BG.To begin a hand of Ultimate Three Card Poker, players must place two mandatory bets, known as the Ante bet and the Blind bet.
The Blind bet and Ante bet must always be made in equal amounts. This added Blind bet represents one of the points of departure between Ultimate Three Card Poker and the physical version. Regular Three Card Poker requires only the Ante bet, with no secondary Blind bet needed. At this time, players can also choose to place an optional side wager known as the Pair Plus bet.
When all players have anted up with their two forced bets, the dealer will proceed to deliver three cards face down to each player, along with three cards to themselves.
After taking a peek at your three-card holding, the game’s player decision point is now upon us: Fold or Raise.
FOLD: you simply give up on the hand without any further fight, surrendering your cards to the dealer and forfeiting your Ante and Blind bets.
RAISE: you move forward with the hand, but you’ll be forced to put up an additional Raise bet.


In Ultimate Texas Hold’em "Royal Flush" a winner who is a player of our dapp won a reward of 550X payout (50X Trips + 500X Blind)! He wagered 40 EOS and got 20950 EOS in return, making great fortune overnight!


he BG dapp is made up of its own native token known as BG token.
Players that earned the BG token and those with adequate game participation, could also earn dividends from the platform. 50% of the income earned by Big Game is distributed to all token holders. These profits are paid as dividends every hour. In order to claim your dividend you must first stake your BG token. However tokens are not locked into the contract for excessive periods of time. Unstaking only takes 10 minutes. Being a token holder also makes the owner eligible to vote for new games.
All of this means that playing games on the Big Game platform is not only enjoyable, but very profitable also. Players are also shareholders and Big Game profits are shared amongst all users instantly. What a brilliant way to create a community and to inspire player retention. By doing this Big Game are able to avoid low customer loyalty.
There is a Regular monthly buyback around 1M BG from market and burn by the BG team, this big destruction was done on March 9th with Unissued 440M BG burned making BG as the Top Circulating Deflational Dapp Coin.
Deflation in the sense that the supply of tokens reduces as usage continues, this in turn gives value to the token.
BigGame has kept buying back the BG tokens from the market and burn, so as to increase the storaged value of the token. From the year 2018 till now, they have performed 17 rounds of buyback and a total of 29 million BG has been burnt.
Despite of the high volatility and security risk of EOS price, BG token has remained its fiat value stably increased.


1. At the end of the 8th stage of BG mining, 80 million BG will be added to the pool for future mining. It’s paying out at the same mining rate as it in Round 8, and will stop when running out. After then, there will be no BG given out for gaming.
2. The contract account will reverse 20 million BG for rewards like rollback candy, red packets in special days, etc. (no staking, no dividend and not circulating for this part)
3. Apart from the above mentioned 100 million BG, the rest unissued BG token, roughly 440 million BG in total, will be burnt at a time. BG supply will plunge from 970 million to around 530 million.
4. The buyback account buyer. BigGame will resume the funds flowing in from the banker fee of the game Banker Bull. Besides, the monthly buyback and burn from the market will remain as normal, to further accelerate the deflation.
With the above mentioned we can say that big game is becoming more and more scarce and more valuable has times flies


In conclution BigGame is fore-running in game quality amongst EOS games, and pioneering in “absolute fairness” ideas. Owing to the team’s relentless pursuit of the quality, users’ heartfelt fondness and loyalty, and token holders’ great supports.

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