How IOTA Aims to Enable Greater Data Integrity within the eHealth Industry

By April 3, 2020Altcoins
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IOTA Tangle technology has been recognized from far and wide with ratification from a number of companies in various sectors of the world including, automobile, enterprise, agriculture, waste management, remittance, and health industry, among others.

The eHealth sector which requires the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health has also witnessed revitalization from IOTA distributed ledger technology. With its Tangle technology, IOTA is introducing an immutable, transparent and secured data system into the eHealth industry.

Basically, IOTA’s The Tangle, a DLT that leverages Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), is dedicated to proffering a more transparent means of storing data.

IOTA developed the Untangle Care with the aim of letting users have control over their health data via a virtual health assistant platform. It is a patient-centric technology that upholds interoperability. The Untangle Care technology lets users play more active roles on matters relating to their health, alongside their healthcare stakeholders.

This is achieved by storing users’ information a permissionless distributed ledger technology known as Masked Authentication Messaging. The healthcare interoperable format – Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) is also used here.

The platform offers users interrupted 24/7 personalized healthcare services as patients and other healthcare stakeholders share data seamlessly.

IOTA noted that it would give healthcare providers a simplified web interface, application programming interface (API) and source code that let them integrate MAM/FHIR easily at different levels.

Also, IOTA has got the Debut mHealth. A platform that introduces MAM-based solutions into Electronic Health Records (HER). Debut mHealth helps keep healthcare records on the Tangle.

It is a means of treating the smartphone generation via mobile phones. Founded by Ben Royce, Debut mHealth involves transporting of HL7 EHR to IOTA distributed ledger technology (The Tangle). It uses the HL7 that allows patients to read information from IoT telemedicine devices.

Rather than the usual closed and tightly controlled database found in HL7 solution, the Tangle offers users an opened but secured platform that protect the identity of each user. Hence, Debut mHealth helps ensure the security and transparency of healthcare data simultaneously.

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