TronWallet Surpasses 190,000 Downloads Milestone as it Opens support for Ethereum

By April 3, 2020DApps
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TronWallet upgrade to v.3.2 came with goodies of milestones and developments. TronWallet, in its latest update, announced that it has surpassed worldwide downloads of 190,000 and 50k monthly active users (MAU). The update also featured the introduction of support for another blockchain project which marks the third important cryptocurrency on the wallet.

Tronwallet today declared that it has added support for Ethereum and all ERC-20 based tokens, allowing users to make ETH swap with TRX, BTC and USDT, as well as receive, send and hold ETH and all Ethereum-based tokens on its platform.

This came as a huge development for TronWallet and the entire crypto community. The wallet’s recent update is an important step in achieving its goal – a fully-fledged multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

TronWallet averred that it now has an average daily active users (DAU) of 12k. The mobile wallet platform recognized Ethereum as an important project in the blockchain space.

“Ethereum is a major driver in the cryptocurrency space with a market capitalization of 15 billion USD, over 91 million unique wallet addresses, 248,974 tokens, and 2,275 Dapps. Many innovative projects in DeFi, gaming, exchanges, identity, payments and much more are built on the Ethereum blockchain.”

The TronWallet upgrade v3.2 also boasts of 10 new features, 7 improvements. Also, 27 bugs were fixed as the upgrade is targeted at offering users a better experience.

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