Ethereum (ETH) Vs. ChainLink on Right Tool for Right Job

By May 17, 2020Ethereum
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When questioned on how Vitalik would go about on-chain oracles for arbitrary events? He replied, “Basically, “nationalize” Augur/Kleros into the base layer.”

In response, an enthusiast brewed, stating, “Leave oracles to Chainlink focus on moving tokens on eth.”

Yet another clarification expressed, Sounds like that would result in a mess of subjectivity ruining the deterministic and cryptographically provable nature of a blockchain It’s like putting wings on a car and calling it a plane, it’s just not what it was built for, and you end up getting the worst properties of both.

Furthered stating, Oracles should be their own layer of the stack and not in the base layer; it breaks consensus every time there is a disagreement about subjective event Cargo ships and semi-trucks are complementary but let’s not try to merge them like building a cargo ship with wheels.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Now, ETH Vitalik is being asked to use ChainLink, the industry’s standard decentralized oracle network, like everybody else. Probably, they will change the blockchain scenario for better.”

Perhaps, ETH foundation is more focused on scaling now, and they might choose to come up with their own oracle after they are done with the scaling issue. Ethereum has got enough resources and developers to create an oracle project. Maybe we need to wait and see how things unfold.

Ethereum (ETH) Programming Decentralized Money

Those who are thinking about smart contracts and are not sure about where to get started will do well getting started with a straight forward tutorial. Programming decentralized money has never gotten easier than with building a smart contract wallet on Ethereum with Social Recovery in Solidity and React.

As the medium article reports, that could be the “A ha!” moment with Ethereum. Reportedly, the sample smart contract teaches about how the code keeps track of an owner when the contract is created and lets only the owner withdraw. The tutorial will be ideal for those who have an understanding of the development of web apps.

This can be the beginning of the process of educating more people about open blockchains. To take ETH to the world, there is a lot of need in helping people speaking different regional languages understand the process. Linguistic barriers are best broken with the help of translators who help teach the world about Ethereum. “Translate Mastering Ethereum with Transifex” are looking for more translators to help localize blockchain technology.

In response, an enthusiast brewed, stating, “Leave oracles […]

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