AVA Awards First Grants to Projects Building Decentralized Infrastructure and Applications

By May 20, 2020Ethereum
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Global Program’s First Seven Supported Projects Come From Four Continents

AVA has awarded the first class of grants through its accelerator AVA-X, which supports developers building decentralized financial applications, infrastructure, and tooling on the AVA platform. With these grants and technical support for integrations, the projects and teams are bringing new value to the community of users and fellow developers.

“AVA-X is our moonshot factory, and this first batch of grants has massive potential to accelerate and exponentially improve the impact of decentralized systems on AVA,” says Kevin Sekniqi of AVA Labs. “Each project is driven by talented teams of developers who understand both the challenges and opportunities of getting decentralized applications into the hands of users around the world.”

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The first grants have been awarded to:

  • AVADO – Plug and play hardware blockchain nodes that enable individuals to easily and privately access Web3 applications, participate in staking, and run incentivized Dapps to earn crypto.

  • Blockchain Academy Chile – Training and education platform for both technical developers and business entrepreneurs to learn about blockchain technology.

  • Figment Networks – Canada’s largest provider of institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure and software solutions for individuals and enterprises to securely and efficiently participate in staking and governance.

  • Jelly Swap – Decentralized application for cross-chain atomic swaps that are executed peer-to-peer, removing the need for intermediaries.

  • Kurtosis Was Framed – A complete, end-to-end testing harness for AVA similar to the Ethereum Hive.

  • Protocoh – Nigeria-based team focused on payments and remittances within Africa.

  • NoTex – Simple to use word editor that is developing a decentralized blogging platform and bringing academic papers to IPFS and AVA.

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“We’re excited to be bringing the AVA network of blockchains to Hubble. Their unique approach to smart contract compatibility and linked independent chains should lead to many new and useful applications,” says Andrew Cronk, Co-founder & Head of Product at Figment Networks.

AVA Labs is empowering people to build an open, simple, and democratic internet of finance that enables the world to have a more prosperous future. Just a year after launch, the project has completed and publicly unveiled its first test network, attracted contributions from a large pool of developers, and will be releasing its main network early this summer.

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AVA has awarded the first class of grants through its accelerator AVA-X, which supports developers building decentralized financial […]

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