Announcing the first Hex2T (Hex2X) DApp PyraBank!

By June 4, 2020DApps
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At the time of this posting, we have already have 27 Billion Hex2T staked valued at nearly 200 ETH! This portal is on fire!


How does it work?

  1. When you stake your Hex2T into the portal, you are charged a 10% fee.

  2. 8% of this fee is distributed to people already in the pool, 2% goes to the devs.

  3. From here on out, every time someone new joins the portal, you earn a split of their 8% fee, increasing your holding.

  4. In addition, anytime someone leaves the staking portal, they are also charged a 10% fee that is split amongst the staker.

  5. The longer you stay in, the more “entry fees” you gain, and the more “exit fees” you gain.

  • You can exit the portal at any time.

  • You can add more tokens to your position at any time.

  • This is a fully automated smart-contract, no one handles the tokens, it is 100% safe.



Once you have 110,000 H2T(converted from Hex2T) in the portal, you have unlocked a masternode!

Masternodes unlock a referral link that allow you to earn 2% of all incoming H2T into the portal.

The ROI potential for this portal is massive.

Even if you aren’t “in early”, you can still earn a lucrative ROI by just holding your tokens in this smart contract, rather than in your wallet!

Click here to enter the staking portal:

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