How is DappNetwork different than zk-SNARKs and other layer 2 solutions on ethereum

By June 17, 2020DApps
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Here some lines from an AMA from a DSP on the DAPP Network today:

The DAPP Network is pioneering a new category of middleware that will further scale and help make interoperable the whole blockchain space - regardless of the chain! Think of it as the glue that binds all projects together. With the DAPP Network, developers can access a whole suite of powerful services on a single "plug-and-play" platform, crucial to optimizing speed and affordability of decentralized development. The DAPP Network provides all the key infrastructure pieces needed to build scalable dApps, allowing developers to focus on their application - no need for complicated backend blockchain, that is taken care of for them!

In an industry that can tend towards tribalism with "my chain is better than you chain" and "my token is better than your token", the DAPP Network stands out as an ecosystem that is pushing interoperability forward both culturally and technologically. We have already witnessed the DAPP Network go live on other chains in the EOSIO ecosystem, such as WAX, and it has also demonstrated a connection to Ethereum. As a DSP, it is exciting to be a part of this network and community that is bridging between multiple chains to scale them all. This is a project that has the power to attract investors and developers from all chains.

LiquidLink : two-way decentralized cross-blockchain communication network

LiquidOracles : decentralized,trustless and customizable web oracles

Those three services alone represent 3 traditional blockchains... Except these are services on the DAPP Network. One token, access to a multitude of services which would normally require many blockchains, many tokens!

Let me talk about 3 of the services I didn't mention above in my previous answer

The pinnacle of the DAPP Network service suite is LiquidChains , a unique blockchain-as-a-service solution that could especially benefit DeFi dApps. LiquidChains allow everyone to spin up customizable chains configured specifically for their use-case, without sacrificing on the compatibility and interoperability of public networks. The advantages of LiquidChains lie in their unprecedented customizability and in their ability to provide dApps with gas-reduced, trustless transactions while retaining access to the instant pooled liquidity of Ethereum.

With LiquidX, standardized and fully interoperable services such as oracles, storage, computation, authentication, SQL databases, and community-created services are available for all EOSIO blockchains and LiquidChains, as well.

LiquidLink is the trustless communication service that enables value and data transfer across chains. The service, which is used to communicate with non-EOSIO chains, has demonstrated a connection between EOS and Ethereum and is currently in Alpha.

Take LiquidOracles for example.... This service is one of MANY that runs on the DAPP Network. In comparison this is the ONLY thing that ChainLink can do, and ChainLink has a valuation of $1.5B.

Imagine the valuation of LiquidApps once people realize the value that's locked in each token....

dApps access the data origin layer through the LiquidOracles service provided by the DAPP Services Providers (DSPs), who are responsible for fetching the data, delivering it in a format that can be consumed from within their smart contracts and running the infrastructure to support the data collection. Oracle service provides dApps with customizable decentralization, allowing them to choose which DSPs to use and which data sources to query. They can even run their own nodes for additional security. Perform SQL-like queries and calculations on the data in a trustless manner, something that other oracle services don’t offer.

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The DAPP Network is pioneering a new category of middleware that will further scale and help […]

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