Tezos (XTZ) Baking Blocks and Adding to the Blockchain Numbers Crossing 1,000,000

By June 20, 2020Ethereum
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The good thing about Tezos is that they not only have a united community in the US, but also globally.

Tezos twitted:The 1,000,000th block was just baked and added to the Tezos blockchain. Congratulations to the Tezos community!”

Tezos are very keen about ensuring efficient development tooling for integration of Tezos. While a lot of opinions are expressed about dApp adoption, it is very clear that Dapps are the future.

Several community members have a bearish outlook about Dapps because of very poor user experience. However, powerful developer tools have made it possible for users to be able to have improved user experience. This in turn creates a positive impact in dApp development for both users and developers.

The importance of developer tooling was recently discussed in Tezos Commons. They have explored why Truffle Suite and Magic are important for the long-term success of a blockchain platform. Of note, Truffle Suite is the industry’s leading smart contract development environment. The good thing is that the suite is about to get developers from idea to Dapp in a comfortable manner.

Previously, Truffle supported only Ethereum and EVM-based block chains. It was only rrecently, Truffle announced support for Tezos. Of note, Tezos is the first non-EVM blockchain to be supported. This indeed is a significant development for Tezos considering Truffle facilitates standardized tools.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, “Block 1,000,000 on the Tezos Network is indeed a milestone. It is worth acknowledging their sustenance.”

Tezos (XTZ) Exciting Announcements

Several exciting announcements are happening at Tezos.

The Stove Labs have announced the Stove Labs Tezos Kitchen. The focus is on new concepts with demo apps in a workshop format. Understanding the basics as well as wiki. Using and shipping microwave ready solutions and lot more about Tezos baking.

TZStats expressed that RC1 is live.

Baking Bad tweeted: “Did you know that you can write language-agnostic tests for your Tezos contracts using PyTezos? Moreover you can make deployments with PyTezos CLI. A complete reference is now available. Also ask any questions in Telegram or TSE Tezos SmartContracts.”

Tulip Tools have released a new version of Tplus. Some of the features are managing Tezos Nodes and sandboxes, installing related software like indexers and explorers, automating common tasks, and creating an intuitive web UI. They also provide information on how to develop Tezos with their guide.

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